MS 5578
  1. Mönch von Salzburg(?), Concinamus venerantes, polyphonic chant
  2. Abélard, Mittit ad Virginem, hymn in Middle High German translation by Mönch von Salzburg: Des Menschen liebhaber sandt zu der Junchfrowen her
  3. Culinary/medical recipes
  4. List of sacred carols and prayers
  5. Prayer of thanksgiving
Description MS in Eastern Upper German on vellum, Austria or South Germany mid 15th c, 1 f 29x21 cm single column (26x19 cm) 27+41 lines in German cursive, polyphonic music in mensural notation on four 5-line staves, texts 1 and 2 by the same scribe. Context: The polyphonic chant possibly by the "Monk of Salzburg" is unrecorded. The Abelard poem is recorded in 8 manuscripts only, in München, Wien, Danzig, Breslau and Udine.
Provenance 1. Bernard Rosenthal collection, San Francisco; 2. Quaritch cat 1434(2016):42.
Commentary Mönch von Salzburg, an anonymous poet and composer, was active in the 2nd half of 14th c and composed at least 49 sacred and 57 secular songs at the court of the Archbishop of Salzburg (1365-1396). He was breaking new ground in introducing major modality and composing the first recorded examples of polyphonic music in the history of German song. Peter Abélard (1079-1142) French author, philosopher, theologian and composer.
See also MS 2085 with Abélard's autobiography and correspondence with Héloise, one of the supreme and most romanic love stories of all time.
Place of origin Austria or South Germany
Dates mid 15c AD