6.2 Roman Catholic

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MSin Latin on vellum, Nonantola, Italy, 1719, 17 lines in a formal rounded Roman book script imitating printed type, music in square notation, decorated capitals and calligraphic initials, elaborate decorated title page illustrating the Abbey of Nonantola.

MS in Latin on vellum, Bari, Italy, early 12th c., 21 lines in Beneventan minuscule of the Bari type, Beneventan neumes, small initials, some intertwined with foliate decoration and zoomorphic finials.

MS in Latin on vellum, Germany, 1430, 10 lines of text and music in a formal Gothic book script, square notation, calligraphic initials, 18 large initials, 4 very large initials with elaborate decoration.
MS in Latin on vellum, Brabant, Belgium, 15th c., 18 lines in a regular Gothic book script of high grade and quality, 18 large decorated initials with 3/4 borders, and 2 near full-page initials, one including a sacred heart on the Cross.
MS in Latin and German on vellum, Germany, 14th c., 24 lines in a large rotunda Gothic book script of medium quality, decorated initials throughout and 30 large decorated initials with penwork in red and blue.
MS in Latin on vellum, Spain, mid 16th c., 5 lines in a rounded late Gothic liturgical book script, square notation on a 5-line red staff, 135 large decorated initials, 2 very large decorated initials with extremely elaborate penwork.
MS in Latin on paper, Augsburg?, Southern Germany, ca. 1485, lines in a Gothic bastarda book script, musical Hufnagel notation, numerous painted initials, some with border decoration,full-page miniature of the Crucifixion in Rhenish style.

MS in Latin and Middle English (text 2) on vellum, South Weald, Essex, 1405-10, 36 lines in a Gothic liturgical book script, music notation, 15 large illuminated initials, 1 large illuminated initial in the style of the workshop of Herman Scheere.