4.8.10. Cheyenne

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MS in Cheyenne on paper, Miles City, Montana, 1897-1898, Little Whirlwind's autograph name glyph, 31 fullpage drawings in full colours by Little Whirlwind of tipis, hunting of wild boar, black panther and deer, horseriding, peace talks and courting.

MS in Cheyenne on paper, Fort Marion, Oklahoma, 1891-1900, 60 ff. (-80), 31x19 cm, single column, (22x15 cm), 21 lines in Cheyenne cursive script (text 1), 35 name glyphs, 37 fine fullpage pen drawings by Bullman.

MS in Cheyenne and English on paper, Dodge City, Kansas, 1878-1879, in English cursive script by L.M. Hyatt, 80 drawings by Cheyenne chief Hagetta.