4.2 Greek Book Scripts

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MS in Greek on vellum, Byzantine Empire, ca. 1100, 1 f., 22x16 cm, single column, (17x12 cm), 6 lines in Greek minuscule, 2 miniatures (ca. 12x12 cm) in gold and colours within a gold frame ruled in blue and red.
MS in Greek on vellum, Byzantine Empire, late 10th c., 1 f., 33x19 cm, 2 columns, (25x15 cm) 24 lines in a tall late Greek uncial, ecphonetic notation in red and dark brown, 2 initials in red.
MS in Greek (text 1) and Latin (text 2) on vellum, Caesarea?, Turkey, ca. 1100 (text 1), and Firenze, Italy, mid 15th c. (text 2), 8 lines in humanistic book script by the librarian of S. Marco library, Firenze.
MS in Greek on papyrus, Egypt, 2nd c., 1 partial f. and 2 fragments of a scroll, 25x11 cm, 1 column remaining, column width ca. 6,5, (20x10 cm), 36 lines in a fine Greek uncial.
MS in Greek and Arabic (text 2) on vellum, Byzantine Empire, 9th c., 2 ff., 18x13 cm, single column, (15x11 cm), 22 lines in a sloping Greek half uncial ("mixed script") ; text 2: Palestine/Damascus, 13th c., 3 lines in Arabic naskhi script.
MS in Greek on papyrus, Egypt, 3rd c., 1 partial f., 25x14 cm, text 1: 3 columns, 33 lines in Greek cursive documentary script; text 2: single column, part of 11 lines in an irregular Greek half-uncial.
MS in Greek on wood, Egypt, ca. 500, 1 tablet, 14x38 cm, single column, (10x34 cm), 6+2 lines in a clear Greek cursive (side 1), and Greek capitals (side 2).
MS in Doric Greek on lead, Greece, 5th c. BC, 1 tablet, 6x10 cm, with 4 fold lines, (4x9 cm), 10 long lines in Greek capitals