4. Palaeography

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MS in Hebrew on paper, North Africa, 15th c., 6 ff., 16x11 cm, single column, (12x9 cm), 25 lines in a north African semi-cursive Hebrew book script.
MS in Judaeo-Arabic on paper, Palestine or Iraq, 13th c., 10 ff., 18x14 cm, single column, (18x12 cm), 32-33 lines in an oriental semi-cursive Hebrew book script.

MS in Hebrew and Aramaic on vellum, Iraq, first half of 11th c., 23 lines in a large Hebrew square book script, by a scribe perhaps originating from the Maghreb (North Africa probably Tunisia).

MS in Hebrew on vellum, Iraq or Iran, 10th c., 17 lines in a large Hebrew square book script with nikud and the small Masorah between the columns.
MS in Hebrew on vellum, Qumran, 1st c. BC, 1 fragment of a scroll, in a formal Hasmonaean Hebrew book script; a fragment with the offset of the letters Shin and Lamed; 2 uninscribed fragments.
MS in Hebrew and Jewish-Aramaic on clay, Iran/Mesopotamia/Syria/Jordan, 5th-7th c., 1 incantation bowl, 10 lines in Jewish-Aramaic script, drawing of the demon Lilith with her hands and feet bound.
MS in Jewish-Aramaic on cream coloured clay, Idumea, Palestine, 2 March 344 BC, 1 ostracon, 7,0x3,5 cm, single column, 3 lines in Jewish-Aramaic script.
MS in Aramaic on clay, Syria, 613(?) BC, 1 tablet, in Aramaic cursive documentary script, 3 seal impressions of a crescent moon above a schematic winged sun disc, of Sharash-sharru-ibnu the Turtanu.
MS in Aramaic on black stone, Neo-Hittite kingdom, North Syria/South Turkey, 8th c. BC, 1 Pyxis lid, diam. 10,6x5,4x1,1 cm, 2 lines in archaic Aramaic script, deeply carved frieze of animals, a chimera.
MS in Canaanite West Semitic on bronze, Canaan, Israel/Lebanon, 11th c. BC, 1 arrowhead, inscribed on both sides with Proto-Canaanite script/early Phoenician script.
MS in English on vellum, Hobart, Tasmania, 16 October 1860, in Tasmanian cursive documentary script, with map and identical anonymous grid lacquer seals.
MS and print in Hawaiian on paper, Honolulu, Hawaii, 26 March 1850, in cursive documentary script, 1 red lacquer seal, extra receipt glued on.