4. Palaeography

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MS in Arabic on peach-coloured paper, Iran, 1708-09, 1 f., 33x21 cm, single column, (21x14 cm), 9 lines in Naskh script in gold, colophon of 2 lines in Riqa’ script in gold by Ahmad al-Nayrizi, autograph, signed.

MS in Persian on paper, Iran, 2 December 1187, 1 f., 28x15 cm, (25x13 cm), 9 long lines in Tawki’ script, signed, witnesses signatures. Provenance: 1. Sam Fogg, London.

MS in Arabic on paper, Egypt, ca. 1300-1350, 4 lines in Rayhani script influenced by Muhaqqaq script, containing the word "ashar" (ten) in gold ornamental Kufic script.

MS in Arabic on paper, Iraq or Iran, ca. 1350-1420, 5 lines in a large, very fine muhaqqaq script outlined in gold, within a frame of gold, red and blue, roundels containing gold knotwork, probably by Karamshah Tabrizi.

MS in Persian on paper, Herad, Iran, ca. 1425, 1 f., 43x34 cm, single column and 4 columns, (37x26 cm), 35 lines in naskhi script within a frame, 1 miniature 12x26 cm in full colours.

MS in Arabic on paper, Yemen, ca. 1300-1350, 10 lines in Naskhi script, in black, 1 line in gold Thuluth script outlined in black, 2 lines in Muhaqqaq script, 1 line Kufic script.
MS in Persian on marbled paper, Kashmir, December 1658, 1 f., 34x21 cm, single column, (27x17 cm), 8 lines in Nasta’liq script by Muhammad Ashraf al-Razavi, autograph, signed.
MS in Persian on paper, Ottoman Turkey, 2nd half 16th c., 6+10 lines in an elegant Nasta'liq script, surrounded by extensive panels of intricate designs, 5 gold medallions with 2 lines in Nasta'liq book script.
MS in Arabic on buff paper, India, late 14th -15th c., 13 lines in a vigorous Bihari script in alternating blue, marginal commentaries in Persian and in Naskhi script.
MS in Arabic on paper, Hausa area, Nigeria, 19th c, 14 lines in a fine Maghrebi script in "Sudani" style, punctuation and marginal initials , 3 full-page displays of strapwork or geometric decoration.

MS in Arabic on pink paper, Andalusia, Spain (or North Africa), in a monumental Maghrebi script and other scripts.

MS in Arabic on buff paper, Iran, 11th-12th c., 15 lines in an elegant eastern kufic script, diacritical marks and vocalisation in red and green, 3 gold medallions and a gold leaf in margins, sura heading IN smaller naskhi book script.