4. Palaeography

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MS in English on vellum, Vincennes, Indiana, U.S.A., 18 October 1775, 1 f., 76x69 cm, 58 long lines of notarial cursive script, 12 Piankashaw Indian totems (name glyphs) with 11 red lacquer seals.

MS in Sugpiak on reindeer bone, South Alaska, ca. 18th c., 4 lines of Eskimo glyphs and illustrations of herds.

Quipu in Incan, Coastal Peru, ca. 12th c. or earlier, suspended in a woollen cord 85 cm long, 4 mm thick, all cords have 2 large knots at different positions, surmounted by up to 3 small knots in upper part.

MS in Aztec on shell, Mexico, ca. 900, 1 pendant, 5,5x8,7x0,6 cm, 1 line with 2 glyphs, 2 holes for a string.

MS in Maya on clay, Northern Petén, Guatemala, ca. 900, 1 cylindrical vase, inscribed with square Mayan late classic or post-classic hieroglyphs in a bold script in the "codex vase" style, resembling the script of Codex Madrid.

MS in Maya on green-blue jade, Costa Rica, 600-900, 1 celt, 10,5x2,6x0,6 cm, 1 column of 3 glyphs, hole for a string.

MS in Valdivian on grey limestone, Ecuador, 3500-1500 BC, central panel of 2 triangles and 1 parallelogram separated by double lines, filled with 8+5+4 drilled holes, surrounded by 4 rectangular panels within double lines filled with drilled holes.

MS in Arabic on paper, Damascus, Syria, 1870, 168 ff. (complete), 22x17 cm, single column, (17x12 cm), 20 lines in Ruq’a script by Liyas Yusuf Jabarra.

MS in Arabic on paper, Ottoman Empire, late 15th c., 16 lines in Ghubar script, sura headings in gold Riqa’ verging on Tawqi’ script within a gold and blue ruled frame, 2 pp. opening of full-page decoration in gold on a deep blue ground.

MS in Persian on paper, Iran, ca. 1800. 16 ff. (complete), 13x8 cm, mostly 3 columns, (11x7 cm), up to 40 lines in Shikasteh-i Nasta’liq script, headings in blue Thulth script, margins ruled in gold.

MS in Persian on buff paper, Iran, 1697, 1 f., 15 lines of a very early Shikasteh-i Nasta’liq script arranged diagonally across the page, 9 lines of Shikasteh-i Ta’liq script, within frames of gold, red and blue, Indian seal impression "He is All-Powerful, 1728-29".

MS in Persian on blue paper, Shiraz, Iran, 17th c., 1 f., 34x21 cm, single column, (24x14 cm), 9 lines in Shikasteh-i Tal’liq script by Ali Akbar al-Musawi al-Mawlawi Al-Shirazi.