4. Palaeography

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MS in Arabic on vellum, North Africa, 9th-10th c., 15 lines in a fine Kufic book script, diacritics red and brown dots, one gold droplet as a verse marker, first word transcribed in top right hand corner.
MS in Arabic on paper, North Africa or Near East, ca. 750-800, 16 lines in mashq script, vocalisation of red and green dots, circular device in green and brown at the end of verse 111.
MS in Sumerian on black stone, Lagash, Sumer, ca. 2150 BC: text 1: 8 lines in cuneiform script; text 2: in Arabic, 661-750 AD, 13 lines in Omayyad kufic script.
MS in Syriac and Middle Persian (text 3) on clay, Iran /Mesopotamia /Syria /Jordan, 5th-7th c., 1 incantation bowl, lines in Proto-Manichaean and Pahlavi (text 3) script, drawing of a demon with a scroll or a dragon above.
MS in Mandaic on clay, Iran/Mesopotamia/Syria/Jordan, 5th-7th c., 1 incantation bowl, 19,0x7,5 cm, 44 lines in a careless cursive Mandaic script in 3 blocks at different angles radiating from the centre.
MS palimpsest on vellum, Mt. Sinai, Egypt. Text 1 (underlying text): in Christian Palestinian-Aramaic, 6th c. Text 2 (overlying text): in Syriac, ca. 700, 15 lines in a somewhat shaky Syriac estrangela book script.
MS in Hebrew on paper, Syria?, late 12th c., 8 ff., 17x13 cm, single column, (14x11 cm), up to 21 lines in a Syriac rabbinic book script by several scribes.
MS in Syriac on paper, Mt. Sinai, Egypt, ca. 11th c., 16 lines in Syriac Sertâ book script, knotwork decorated headpiece, marginal drawings of roundels, interlace patterns, etc. in black and red.
MS in Syriac on vellum, Mt. Sinai, Egypt, 9th c., 4 ff., 25x16 cm, 2 columns, (19x13 cm), 40-43 lines in a Syriac estrangela book script.
MS in Hebrew and Arabic (text 2) on paper, Nablus, Israel (or Damascus?, Syria), 25 lines in Samaritan book script and 22 sections of 10 lines in Arabic Naskhi script, ruled calendar pages.
MS in Hebrew on vellum, Nablus (Shechem) or Damascus, 13th c.(?), 1 partial scroll of 5 membranes, 44x125 cm, 6 columns, (38x17 cm), 84-91 lines in a small Samaritan book script without vowel signs.
MS in Hebrew on vellum, Southern France, late 13th c., 10 ff., 39x24 cm, 2 columns, (27x16 cm), 60 lines in rabbinic cursive, some headings in Hebrew square script.