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MS in Tudor English on paper, Westminster, ca 1628-1659, 15 pp including two title pp, 32x21 cm, notated on 10 staves per page with some corrections

MS on vellum, Spain, 16th c, 2 ff 42x38 cm, ruled with 6 brown staves, notated on two pairs of 2 staves each in polyphonic mensural notation.

MS in Latin on paper, Ansbach, Germany, 27 April 1597, 1 p 12x7 cm, written on 3 single staves in mensural notation without bars, inscribed in 9 lines with dedication, autograph

There are more than 560 seal matrices and in the region of 400 seal impressions in the Schoyen collection, 27 available on this website. The collection starts with 150 stamp seal matrices from the 5th and 4th millennium BC, and ends with wax seals on medieval documents and papal lead bullas.

The Schoyen Collection contains about 20 Buddhist manuscripts from most Asian countries spanning nearly 2000 years. The Buddhist Scriptures collection starts with the foundation manuscripts of Mahayana Buddhism, and is represented here by 15 manuscripts.  In addition, large parts of the China collection and Pre-Gutenberg Printing collection are also examples of Buddhist literature.

MS and printing in liquid gold on vellum, London 1816-1817,  50 ff, 24 pp (complete) 57x43 cm, single column (29x25 cm) 31-35 long lines  printed in liquid gold with gold frames, surrounded by watercolour drawings in John Whittakers innovative gold printing method.

MS in Latin and German on paper, München, 1943, 8 pp 39x29 cm, 30-stave paper, continuity drafts notated on systems of 3 staves with texts in cursive script, sketches in single staff notation, autograph, signed. 

MS in German on paper, Austria or Germany, 28 May 1794, 109 pp., 24x32 cm, single column, (20x28 cm), ruled with 10 staves.

MS in Italian on paper, Napoli, ca. 1785, 2 vols., 21x29 cm, single column, (19x27 cm), ruled with 10, 12 or 18 staves.

MS in Latin on paper, Wien, early 19th c, (parts) and mid 19th c. (score), parts: 44 vols, 450 pp., 29x23 cm, single column, (25x19 cm), ruled with 10 staves.

MS in German on paper, Wien, 1821, 1 line autograph, on the back of the first edition, first issue. 15 pp., 24x33 cm. 

MS in Italian on paper, Mainz, 1826, 4 fascicles, 29+23+36+29 pp., 23x31 cm, single column, (20x28 cm), ruled with 10 staves.