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MS in Greek on papyrus, Egypt, early 4th c., 1 partial papyrus, in an extremely fine Greek uncial.

Hymnal in Hufnagel notation as part of Psalterium Moguntium, Mainz: Fust and Schöffer 1457 Printing and MS on vellum, Mainz, 1457.

MS in Latin on vellum, London, England, ca. 1230-1240, 209 ff, 26x21 cm, 2 columns, 58 lines, 3 columns, 58 lines (Psalms), 7 columns (canon tables), 55 lines, 4 columns, (20x18 cm), 63 lines (concordance)

Receipts for various taxes, for river guard-ships, tow ropes, and for the river-patrol station, to Phanophis collector of money taxes at Elephantine, in the 20th regnal year of Antoninus Pius.

MS in Hebrew on vellum, Toledo(?), Spain, ca 1300, 1 partial scroll 63x335 cm, consisting of 6 membranes with 23 columns (52x12 cm) of 50 lines in a fine Sefardic Hebrew script.

MS in Latin on vellum, probably Blois, France ca 873, 36 lines in Carolingian minuscule with numerous 3-line capitals in green and red, 4 lines in rustic capitals, 1 line in capitals, 4-line dcorated capital A.

MS in French on paper, Paris 1962-1963, photocopy of the full orchestral score prepared for printing with autograph, including a drawing of the disposition of the orchestra.

MS in French and Italian on paper, Tanglewood, Massachusetts, 10 august 1948, autograph. Text 2: autograph, signed 3 times.

MS in French and Italian on paper, Paris, 1928-30, notated in full score on a system of 9 staves with heading "Bolero", autograph, signed. Text 2 notated on systems of 4 and 2 staves, 8 bars, autograph.

MS in German and Italian on paper, Germany, probably ca 1705-1725, 14 pp 34x21 cm, ruled with 14 staves, (30x20 cm) notated by a German copyist on seven 2-stave systems.

MS in Latin on vellum, probably Low countries, 1530's, ruled with 8 5-line staves, formal polyphonic mensural notation of Discantus and Tenor parts.

MS in Latin and Eastern Upper German on paper, Bayern-Salzburg, 2nd half of 15th c or early 16th c, 23 lines in an angular German Gothic cursive, staves with polyphonic mensural notation.