5. Patristic Literature

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MS in Greek on papyrus, Egypt, early 4th c., 1 partial papyrus, in an extremely fine Greek uncial.

MS in Russian Church Slavonic on paper, Russia, ca. 1560, 167 ff. (-ca. 33), 22x14 cm, single column, (15x9 cm), 23 lines in Cyrillic half-uncial, headings and initials in red, a miniature of St. John and the ladder drawn around the final lines of the text.

MS in Russian Church Slavonic on paper, Russia, ca. 1550, 283 ff. (complete), 20 lines in Cyrillic half-uncial, illuminated ornamental headpieces, 3 drawings in coloured washes, a full-page illuminated miniature of the Last Judgement in full colour wash.

MS in Latin and Italian (text 2-3) on vellum, Napoli, Italy, 1st half of 16th c., late 15th c. (text 3), 76 ff. (complete), 14x10 cm, single column, (9x6 cm), 14 lines in a skilful regular Beneventan minuscule by a nun, and in Italian cursive script (texts 2-3).

MS in Russian Church Slavonic on paper, Russia, ca. 1500, with lines in Cyrillic half-uncial, with illustrations and illuminations in a form and style reminiscent of the frescoes of the Cathedral of the Annunciation in Kremlin in Moscow.

MS in Latin on paper, Southern Germany or Northern Austria, late 15th cC, in a cursive Gothic book script, 2 line initials, 30 large initials WITH extensive marginal flourishing.

MS in Latin on paper, Würzburg, Germany, 1430-1444, 215 ff. (complete), 30x21 cm, 2 columns, (20x14 cm), ca. 34 lines in German Gothic and cursive scripts by several scribes, 2-line red initials

MS in Latin and Greek on vellum, Firenze, Italy, ca. 1420-30, in a very fine early humanistic book script and Greek minuscule by Guglielmino Tanaglia, possibly Niccolo Niccoli and a scribe; title leaf by Filippo di Matteo Torelli.

MS in Serbian Church Slavonic on paper, Serbia, early 15th c., 173 ff. (-ca. 83), 29x21 cm, single column, (21x14 cm), 28 lines in Cyrillic half-uncial, 1- to 6-line capitals in in pale red

MS in Ge'ez on vellum, Ethiopia, early 15th c., additions 16th to 19th c., ca. 26-28 lines in a square Ethiopic Ge'ez book script, ornamental headpieces (harägs) introducing each section.

MS in Latin on vellum, Wilhering, Austria, 2nd half of 12th c., 126 ff. (complete), 26x17 cm, single column (20x12 cm), 28 lines in a bold square late Romanesque book script by 2 scribes, 17 large decorated initials in interlaced designs, trial sketches of Romanesque ornament, full-page drawing of a double-headed dragon.

MS in Latin on vellum, Morimondo, Italy, mid 12th c., 41 lines in a fine Romanesque book script by several scribes, numerous very large initials in Cistercian style in red, blue and green.