8. Law

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MS and printing in liquid gold on vellum, London 1816-1817,  50 ff, 24 pp (complete) 57x43 cm, single column (29x25 cm) 31-35 long lines  printed in liquid gold with gold frames, surrounded by watercolour drawings in John Whittakers innovative gold printing method.

MS in Greek on bronze, Lycia, Turkey, 24 July 46 BC, 1 bronze plaque, 88x53 cm, single column (80x50 cm), 78 lines in Greek capitals, within a frame of double lines.

MS in Latin and Middle High German (texts 3, 12, 15) on paper and vellum (text 2), Heidelberg?, Germany, 1433, & Germany, late 13th c. (text 2), 279 ff. (complete), 14x10 cm, single column, (10x6 cm), 24-28 lines in lettre bâtarde by Nicholas d. de H.

MS in Latin on vellum, Southern France, mid 14th c, in a bold bolognese Gothic rotunda book script of medium quality, some marginal commentaries in slightly later glossing book script, numerous initials.

MS in Latin on vellum, Bologna, ca. 1350, text: 2 columns, 5-38 lines; gloss: 2 columns, 63 lines in a rounded Gothic book script in 2 sizes of medium grade and quality, initials in blue or red with contrasting penwork.

MS in Latin on paper, Padua?, Italy, in a hybrid medium quality Gothic book script, 400 painted initials, 18 large initials, 7 pen drawings, 3 historiated initials, 1 miniature anticipating the manner of Bartolomeo del Tintore.

MS in Latin on vellum, Italy, 3rd quarter of 13th c, in a neat round Gothic book script of medium grade and quality, headings in red, initials with contrasting penwork throughout, 4 very large decorated book openings forming the name Gregorius, medieval notes and added gloss on every page.

MS in Latin, Anglo-Norman, and Middle English on vellum, England, ca. 1445, in current English book script, headings in red, signed by Ricardus Chetylbere (only known signed copy of Statutes of the Realsm).

MS in Latin and Anglo-Norman on vellum, Yorkshire, 1300-1307, 22 lines in a small English court documentary script, headings in Gothic book script, 25 illuminated initials in leafy and floral designs, historiated initial of Edward I.

MS in Latin and Anglo-Norman on vellum, England, ca. 1299, 124 ff. (complete), 25x17 cm, single column, (20x12 cm), 43-45 lines in good English court documentary script by several scribes, 39 large initials in blue with red penwork decoration.

MS in Latin and Anglo-Norman (text 47) on vellum, England, ca. 1310, 241 ff. (-3), 23x17 cm, 1 and 2 columns, (18x12 cm), 24-31 lines in English court documentary script, initials in red or blue with penwork decoration.

MS in Latin on vellum, Milano, Italy, 2nd quarter of 15th c., 86 ff. (complete), 28x20 cm, single column, (17x11 cm), 31 lines in a calligraphic humanistic book script, a sketch of a man apparently making a speech.