10. Magical

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MS on chalk-like stone, New South Wales, Australia, ca. 20000-3000 BC, upper half of oval-conical and cornute form cylcon, 12x6x6 cm, 2 deep incisions around circumference, under which 10 deep marks, 4 deep marks forming a cross on apex, light longitudinal scratch-type markings

MS on weathered desert sandstone, Bulloo Downs, South West Queensland, Australia, ca. 20000-3000 BC, 1 cylindrical cylcon, deeply incised with 5 parallel longitudinal lines intersected by semi-circular lateral lines, arrows pointing upwards and downwards.

MS in Ge'ez on vellum, Tigray, Ethiopia, 19th c., containing protective eye motifs along both edges in full length of roll, ornamental headpieces (harägs) in both ends, large bold miniatures all in colours by the Tigray Master.

MS in Toba-Batak on bast, Sumatra, Indonesia, 19th c., 58 ff., folding book, 17x24 cm, single column (15x23 cm), 16-20 lines in Batak script, ca 75 large, complex, finely-drawn figures in black ink coloured red.

1. Sam Fogg Rare Books Ltd., London. Commentary: An astrologer's mnemonic textbook in the form of an illustrated roll.

MS in Jewish-Aramaic on clay, Near East, 5th-6th c., 1 incantation bowl  in Jewish-Aramaic script, drawing of standing demon at center and with 2 snakes eating each others tails along the rim, and 2 pairs of bound demons outside.

MS in Hebrew (texts 1-3) and Jewish-Aramaic (text 4) on clay, Near East, 5th-6th c., 1 incantation bowl, 10, 5x27,0 cm, 14 lines in Jewish-Aramaic script, indented rim.

MS in Latin on lead, Tarlton, Gloucestershire, England, ca. 150-300, 1 tablet, 3,9x8,0 cm, 3 lines in Old Roman Cursive.

MS in Neo Assyrian on clay, Assyria, 8th c. BC, 1 cylinder seal formed amulet, diam. 1,0x2,0 cm, 8 lines in cuneiform script, a hole through the centre for suspension.

MS in Babylonian on red jasper, Babylonia, 1000-600 BC, 10 lines of monumental cuneiform script WITH illustrations, the main showing the female demon Lamashtu.

MS in Old Babylonian on clay, Larsa or Ur, Babylonia, ca. 1800 BC, 1 tablet, 17,1x11,8x3,0 cm, single column, 92 lines in cuneiform script.

MS in Sumerian on clay, Ebla?,North Syria, 26th c. BC, 1 tablet, compartments of cuneiform script, by the scribe Ur-Gibil, with a decorative line of small KASKAL-signs preceding each spell on reverse.