4.4 Latin Documentary Scripts

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MS in Latin on vellum, Trier, Germany, mid 12th c., 1 f., 26x32 cm, (25x32 cm), 20 long lines in a large Romanesque documentary script, first 6 words in tall compressed capitals.
MS in Latin on vellum, Toledo, Spain, 5 March 1195, 1 f. in a formal Romanesque documentary script by the royal clerk Michael. Annotated on dorse in Spanish.
MS iin Latin on vellum, Haliwell Priory, Middlesex, ca. 1181-1188, in a fine Romanesque documentary script. Two seals in red wax of Roger de Bray riding his horse, the other of mandorla form showing his wife Margery standing.
MS in Latin on vellum, Vatican, 13 September 1024, in a Papal documentary script, with decorative elaboration of ascenders and descenders, abbreviation and initial letters, opening line in the elaborate calligraphic form.
MS in Latin on vellum, San Iuliani de Altura, Terrassa near Barcelona, 23 May 1062, in a Current Carolingian documentary script, the confirmation clause in an engrossed and more cursive version of the script, by the monk Benedictus. Annotated on the dorse in several later medieval hands.
MS in Latin on vellum, County of Cerdanya, Pyrenean Catalonia, 26 October 965, in a Carolingian documentary script of medium quality, penwork notarial mark of the presbiter Godmares. Annotated on the dorse in a 17th c. hand.

MS in Latin on vellum, Monforte, Galicia, 1115, 1 f., 20x60 cm, (11x59 cm), 14+1 long lines in Visigothic minuscule.

MS in Latin and Anglo-Saxon on vellum, Westminster, England, 26 October 1259, 50 long lines in English court documentary script and Anglo-Saxon minuscule, penwork decoration, part of the Great Seal of Henry III.
MS in Latin on vellum, St. Martin's Tour, France, 2nd half of 7th c. in Merovingian cursive (text 1), lined with part of a leaf of a late classical papyrus codex (text 2) in Greek, 7th c.
MS in Latin on bronze, Spain or South Italy, 209, 1 partial plaque, 22x15 cm, single column, (22x15 cm remaining), 13 lines in a transitional script between square and rustic Latin capitals.
MS in Latin on bronze, Roma, 13 February 139, 2 tabellas, in formal Latin capitals, 2 holes through each tablet for a wire that originally bound the two tablets together, secured with the seals of the 7 witnesses.
MS in Anglo-Saxon on vellum, Christ Church, Canterbury, 1013-20, 1 f., 5x26 cm, (5x25 cm), 5 long lines in a handsome skilful Anglo-Saxon minuscule, at the foot, the upper part of "+cyrograpfhum" in bold capitals with uncial "M".