4.7 Arabic

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MS in Persian on marbled paper, Kashmir, December 1658, 1 f., 34x21 cm, single column, (27x17 cm), 8 lines in Nasta’liq script by Muhammad Ashraf al-Razavi, autograph, signed.
MS in Persian on paper, Ottoman Turkey, 2nd half 16th c., 6+10 lines in an elegant Nasta'liq script, surrounded by extensive panels of intricate designs, 5 gold medallions with 2 lines in Nasta'liq book script.
MS in Arabic on buff paper, India, late 14th -15th c., 13 lines in a vigorous Bihari script in alternating blue, marginal commentaries in Persian and in Naskhi script.
MS in Arabic on paper, Hausa area, Nigeria, 19th c, 14 lines in a fine Maghrebi script in "Sudani" style, punctuation and marginal initials , 3 full-page displays of strapwork or geometric decoration.

MS in Arabic on pink paper, Andalusia, Spain (or North Africa), in a monumental Maghrebi script and other scripts.

MS in Arabic on buff paper, Iran, 11th-12th c., 15 lines in an elegant eastern kufic script, diacritical marks and vocalisation in red and green, 3 gold medallions and a gold leaf in margins, sura heading IN smaller naskhi book script.
MS in Arabic on vellum, North Africa, 9th-10th c., 15 lines in a fine Kufic book script, diacritics red and brown dots, one gold droplet as a verse marker, first word transcribed in top right hand corner.
MS in Arabic on paper, North Africa or Near East, ca. 750-800, 16 lines in mashq script, vocalisation of red and green dots, circular device in green and brown at the end of verse 111.
MS in Sumerian on black stone, Lagash, Sumer, ca. 2150 BC: text 1: 8 lines in cuneiform script; text 2: in Arabic, 661-750 AD, 13 lines in Omayyad kufic script.