4.3.2 National or Regional Scripts

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MS in Latin on vellum, Spain, 10th c., 1 f., 27x15 cm, 2 columns, (22x10 cm, originally 22x14 cm), 29 lines in Visigothic minuscule of square upright form. 2 ornamental initials in colours.
MS in Latin on vellum, Montecassino, Italy, early 12th c., in a very fine Beneventan minuscule of Montecassino type in 2 sizes, Beneventan diastematic (heightened) staffless neumes.
MS in Latin on vellum, Southern Italy, ca. 1100, 1 f., 56x37 cm, 2 columns, (42x27 cm), 37 lines in a fine regular Beneventan minuscule, capitals touched red, small entwined dragon initials, 2 large interlaced dragon initials with ribbons of yellow and red ending in beast-heads of blue and green and with a central creature.

MS in Latin on vellum, Puglia, Italy, late 11th c., in a fine Beneventan minuscule of "Bari type", music in Beneventan diastematic (heightened) staffless neumes with accompanying text in smaller script.

MS in Latin on vellum, Corbie region, France, 750-800, 2ff, 27 lines in a very fine Merovingian minuscule, running titles in 12th c script, headings in large red uncials, several initials in pale red or brown.
MS in Latin on vellum, Luxeuil, France, early 8th c., 2 ff., 23x15 cm, single column, (17x10 cm), 18 lines in Luxeuil minuscule, initials in Merovingian capitals and Merovingian uncial, 2 decorated initials.