Introduction: Bible Collection


ms231sForty-three (43) examples from the over 400 items in the Bible collection are included here. This collection has many MSS that would be the pride of most of the world’s largest public collections. 9 MSS are the earliest witnesses to their part of the text of the Bible. 90 MSS have the earliest texts of their part of the Hebrew Bible, and a further 86 are only preceded by the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The collection also comprises Sumerian and Babylonian forerunners or parallels to the Bible. Several are listed elsewhere in the Checklist. See for instance:


MS 3283 and MS 2110/1

The Sumerian creation story, Babylonia, 1900-1700 BC

MS 2855

Kings and cities from before the Flood, Babylonia, 2000-1800 BC

MS 3026

The Sumerian Flood story, Babylonia, 1900-1700 BC

MS 2950 and MS 5108

Atrahasis, the Old Babylonian Flood story, Babylonia, 1900-1700 BC

MS 2788

The Sumerian forerunner of the 10 commandments and some of the Proverbs. Babylonia ca. 1900-1700 BC

MS 2063

The Tower of Babel stele, Babylonia, 604-562 BC

MS 1815/1

Brick from the Tower of Babel, Babylonia, 604-562 BC

MS 3281

Descent of Inanna to the underworld, with parallels to resurrection of Christ, Babylonia, 1900-1700 BC