MS 194
Description MS in Middle English on vellum, London, ca. 1420, 214 ff. (complete), 42x29 cm, 2 columns, 47 lines in a fine Anglicana book script, by the same scribe as the MSS, Bodley 693 and Laud Misc. 609, over 300 3-line illuminated initials in burnished gold on grounds of red, blue, and green with white tracery, and marginal floral sprays in green and burnished gold, 6 large, 5- to 7-line, illuminated initials with 3/4 borders in leafy designs in red, orange and blue, heightened with white on burnished gold grounds, large, 6-line, historiated initial and full border in similar design in colours and gold, 3/4 page miniature with 2 views of Noah's Ark in a style closely associated with the workshop of Herman Scherre.
Binding England, 19th c., blindtooled russia, sewn on 6 bands.
Provenance 1. Roger Morgan and William, Hertfordshire; 2. William Smith and John Roper, Taunton, Somerset (late 15th c.); 3. Willoughby family and their descendants, the Lords Middleton, of Middleton Hall, Nottinghamshire; 4. Gabriel Barwyke, (1523-1561) and Alice Draycott; 5. Lord Middleton, Wollaton Hall (1911); 6. Sotheby's 16.7.1928:557; 7. E.P. Goldschmidt, London (from 1928); 8. Boies Penrose, of Nettleton, Taunton, and Devon, Pennsylvania (until 1947); 9. Sotheby's 20.5.1947:288; 10. Foster W. Bond, London (1947-1981); 11. Sotheby's 8.12.1981:80; 12. Winsor T. Savery, Houston, Texas (Pax ex Innovatione Foundation, Vaduz, Liechtenstein) (1980-1988); 13. Sotheby's 6.12.1988:45; 14. De-accessioned to Tokyo, Senshu University, April 2005.
This MS is "F" in Ronald A. Waldron's new edition from all known MSS. 13 other copies are known, all in public collections.
The great universal chronicle from the Creation until the author's day, was compiled in Latin by Ranulf Higden (d. 1364), a monk of Chester. The present translation into Middle English, 1385-1387, is one of the earliest extensive works in English prose.
Published Mentioned in: Woudhuysen, H.R.: Manuscripts at Auction: January 1988 to December 1988; in: Peter Beal and Jeremy Griffiths, eds: English Manuscript Studies 1100-1700. Vol. 2. Oxford 1990, pp. 311, 315-317. & Jeremy Griffiths: Manuscripts in The Schøyen Collection copied or owned in the British Isles before 1700; in: Peter Beal and Jeremy Griffiths, eds: English Manuscript Studies 1100-1700. Vol. 5. London 1995, pp. 36-42.
Exhibited 1. Conference of European National Librarians, Oslo. Sept. 1994. 2. University of Oslo. Domus Bibliotheca, 6-15 May 1996: European medieval manuscripts from The Schøyen Collection.
Place of origin England
Dates 19th c.