23. Extinct & Living Religions

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MS in Hebrew on vellum, Egypt, ca. 14th c., 1 scroll, 46x ca.500 cm, 49 lines per column in a square Hebrew book script.

The Schøyen Collection is a unique gift to everyone fascinated by the mystery that lies at the origins of religions and cultures. This is the only collection, library or museum that actually has made an attempt to form a collection of the various living and extinct religions of the world, and over a period of time nearly as far back as religion itself. As it widens our knowledge of ancient cultures, societies and individual life, it enhances our understanding of contemporary expressions of faiths.

MS in Sami on reindeer skin, Karasjok, Norway, 2005, 1 drum (runebomme), 47x31x9 cm, 45 symbols and glyphs by Berit Marie Kemi, with a drum hammer of reindeer horn with cloth head. 

MS in Eastern Arctic Inuktitut on paper, Baker Lake, Nunavut Territory, Canada, 1978, 1 f., 58x76 cm, (12x25 cm), 9 long lines + 43 short lines in Inuktitut syllabic script, autograph, signed, inside pencil drawing. 

MS in Navajo on paper, Arizona, U.S.A., ca. 1900, 18 pp.+66 blank ff., (-15), 26x20 cm, 420 symbols, pictographs and drawings of shamanistic rituals. 

MS in Aranda on green chist stone, Too Loo La Maounm Oonja, Central Australia, before 1800, 1 oval churinga, 52x18 cm, aboriginal symbols incised with an incisor tooth of an opossum, rubbed with grease and ochre during the ceremonies, the ochre still sticking in the grooves. 

MS in Aborigine tribal language on grey stone, Northern Territories, Australia, very early, before 1800, 1 boatshaped churinga, 37x12x1 cm, patterns incised with a incisor tooth of an opossum, and rubbed with grease and red ochre during the ceremonies, the ochre still sticks in the groves. 

MS on chalk-like stone, New South Wales, Australia, ca. 20000-3000 BC, 1 oval-conical cylcon concave base, 12,2xdiam.4,2 cm, 3 central arrows pointing forwards, parallel lines in 5 longitudinal series of 7-8 lines each, 4 circumferential rings round apex, 17 short longitudinal incisions around base. 

MS on hard silcrete, High Glen Lyon, Western New South Wales, Australia, ca. 20000-3000 BC, 1 oval-conical cylcon, 32x8x5 cm, incised with longitudinal lines and 4 series of 7+6+9+12 short parallel transverse lines, concave base. 

MS in Mayan on clay, North Eastern Honduras, ca. 600-850, 1 cylindrical vase (complete), 20x18 cm, with 1 horizontal and 4 vertical bands of 32 Mayan late Classic hieroglyphs, in a bold clear script in brown paint on a light brown-orange ground, 1 jaguar masked figure, and 3 attendants in full ceremonial costumes painted in red and black. 

MS in Icelandic on paper, Iceland, 1925, 24 ff. (-3), 17x10 cm, single column, (15x10 cm), 18 lines in cursive script by Pálmi Jósefsson. 

MS in Old Danish or Latin(?) on bronze, Yorkshire, England, ca. 1000, 1 hammer-headed staff, 4,3x0,9-1,2 cm, 1 line in capitals with an uncial M, preceded by a cross, pierced at one end for use as a pendant, a punched cross and decoration at the hammer end.