MS 2979
Text QUR'AN 51:40-52:11
Description MS in Arabic on vellum, Near East, 9th cent, 1 f 26x37 cm, single column (20x28 cm) 15 lines in Kufic script in gold outlined in black, diacritics and vocalisation in red and blue dots, every 10th verse with a square pointed with dots of red and blue, the text within a frame with a knotwork pattern in gold, green and brown, each corner and halfway point carries a gold interlaced square.
Context The main part of this MS is in Istanbul: Nuruosmaniye Library, and another part in Baltimore: John Hopkins’s Library. Provenance: 1. Sam Fogg, London, March 2000; 2. De-accessioned to Sam Fogg, London, June 3003.
Commentary This high quality Qur'an was possibly originally commissioned for one of the Abbasid Caliphs in the 9th century.
Published 5 ff from the section in Istanbul were published in Déroche: The Abbasid Tradition, London, 1992, pp. 90-91.
Place of origin Near East
Dates 9th Century