4.5 Greek & Other Documentary Scripts

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Sale of Corn Land in Pathyris | MS 140
MS in Greek on papyrus, Crocodilopolis, Egypt, 12 July 100 BC, 1 papyrus, 15x53 cm, 3 columns, 14 lines in a Greek cursive documentary script, with a clay seal between column 1 and 2.
Gandhari Legal Settlement | MS 4579/1
MS in Gandhari language (Kroraina prakrit) on wood, Niya, Sinkiang, China, ca. 250, 1 rectangular double tablet (kilamudra) in Karosthi documentary script.
Bactrian: Dispute Settlement | MS 4580
MS in Bactrian on vellum, Guzgan area, Afghanistan, in Bactrian cursive documentary script with the motifs.
MS in Spanish on paper, Buenos Aires, 1594, 3 pp., 30x20 cm, single column, (26x18 cm), 28 lines in a rounded cursive documentary script.
Royal Letters Patent | MS 1381 (1)
MS in English on vellum, Dublin, Ireland, 26 April 1715, in a fine Irish documentary script, first line in a formal Gothic book script of high grade with portrait of King George I andGreat Seal of England.
King Kamehameha Royal Patent | MS 4524
MS and print in Hawaiian on paper, Honolulu, Hawaii, 26 March 1850, in cursive documentary script, 1 red lacquer seal, extra receipt glued on.
Government of Tasmania Indenture | MS 2903
MS in English on vellum, Hobart, Tasmania, 16 October 1860, in Tasmanian cursive documentary script, with map and identical anonymous grid lacquer seals.