16.9 Medieval Stamp

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Seal of Wulfric | MS 2223/14

MS in Latin on walrus ivory, Kent, England, 11c, seal matrix, Anglo-Saxon capitals, 3/4 length figure of a man with sword; bird-headed dragon handle.

Baron Finn Gautsson Seal | MS 2223/16

MS in Latin on bronze, Mel near Bergen, Sunnhordland, Norway, or England, 1247-1266, seal matrix, formal Lombardic script, armoured knight on a horse.

Silver Seal with Cornellian Insert | MS 2223/401

MS in Latin on silver, England, 13c, oval face seal matrix, in Lombardic script, pierced suspension loop in the shape of a dragon's head with inset Roman cornelian stone, 1c "Mars Gradivus".

Thomas de Ros seal | MS 2223/368

MS in Latin on copper alloy, England, 1430-1431, circular face seal matrix, in black-letter script, a central shield with the arms of Roos surmounted by a peacock.


MS in Latin on copper alloy with polished brass colour, Isle of Man, England, 3rd quarter of 15C, oval seal matrix,  in black-letter script, figure of a bishop holding a staff, a smaller three- quarter length figure of the bishop praying.

Court of Pleas Seal, County Palatine of Durham | MS 2223/13

MS in Latin on brass mounted on copper alloy, Durham?, England, 1595-1606, circular seal matrix, lines in square capitals, the Chancellor of the Court of Pleas of Durham on the obverse.