3.6 Medieval & Renaissance Literature

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Heloise and Abelarde | MS 2085
MS in Latin on vellum, France, ca. 1350, in a very neat compressed Gothic book script of medium grade and quality, headings in red, initials in red or blue with penwork infilling and marginal flourishing in purple or red, many medieval notes and marks including pointing fingers and grotesque faces.
Petrarch | MS 1954
MS in Latin on vellum, Padua(?), Italy, late 14th c., in a Bolognese rotunda Gothic book script of medium quality, blue initials throughout, blue initials flourished in red introducing sub-sections, illuminated initials in full colours and gold with marginal leafy sprays and spangles by a Paduan artist.
Francesco Petraraca: Trionfi A | MS 2105
MS in Italian on vellum, Firenze, Italy, ca. 1450, in a cursive humanistic book script by the scribe of "the remarkable Venice Silius", Marc. Lat.XII.68 (possibly Mariotto Nori).
Boccaccio: Des Cas Nobles Hommes et Femmes | MS 268 (1)
MS in French on paper, Paris, ca. 1475, lines in a distinguished lettre bâtarde, headings in red, illuminated initials in burnished gold on red and blue grounds with white tracery, initials in red and blue with coloured flowers on burnished gold grounds, very large miniatures, by a workshop associated with Maître François.
Chaucer's Canterbury Tales | MS 2324
MS in Middle English on paper, England, 1532-1541, 2 ff., 29x20 cm, 2 columns, (22x16 cm), 47-49 lines in Tudor secretary script.