1.5.2 Church Slavonic Bible

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Church Slavonic Bible Moldavia | MS 1750
MS in Church Slavonic on paper, Monastery of Neamtu, Moldavia, ca. 1450, 22-26 lines in a elegant Cyrillic half-uncial, by Gabriel Uric of Neamtu, 2-line initials in calligraphic ujaz, strips of interlacing ornament in gold and colours, marginal chapter numbers with gold and red.
Church Slavonic Bible Psalms | MS 1590

MS in Church Slavonic on vellum, Bulgaria or Serbia, late 15th c., 25 lines in a semi cursive Cyrillic book script, with title "Davida Proroka Tsare Pesne" in Cyrillic display uncials, initials in red and yellow, many incorporating fantasy animals, with decorated headpiece in brown, red and yellow, incorporating beasts.

Slavonic Bible Lectionary | MS 1793 (1)
MS in Russian Church Slavonic on paper, Russia, 1550-1560, Balkan style, with 4 full-page miniatures of the Evangelists within geometric borders in bright opaque colours in traditional iconographic style.
Old Believer Apocalypse | MS 2623 (1)

MS in Russian Church Slavonic on paper, Russia, 1812, with headings and passages in red, 4 tendril-work headpieces in red and blue, and 74 full-page miniatures in full colours.

Old Believer Apocalypse | MS 2010 (1)
MS in Russian Church Slavonic on paper, Russia, 1800-1820, with the commentary of Archnishop Andrew of Caesarea. Headings in red, multicoloured headpieces of ribbon-, strap- or ironwork, some with birds alighting facing the illustrations, with 72 full-page pen drawings with bright washes within a yellow frame.