11. Calendars & Almanacs

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Nahuatl Bible with Aztec Labour Tribute | MS 1692

MS in Nahuatl on paper and figtree bark paper, Mexico, ca. 1525-1550, 15-19 lines in a Hispano-Aztec rounded book script, decorated initials, and Aztec hieroglyphs, and 64 Indian heads.

List of Month Names | MS 4151

MS in Neo Sumerian on clay, Lagash?, Babylonia, 2000-1600 BC, 1 tablet, 7,0x4,5x2,5 cm, single column, 9+4 lines in cuneiform script.

Middle Babylonian Almanac | MS 2781

MS in Middle Babylonian on black stone, Babylonia, ca. 1100-800 BC, 1 tablet, 2 columns, 12 lines in cuneiform script, with a loop handle at the right side formed like a crouching lion, with the hole from mouth to anus.

Neo-Assyrian Almanac | MS 2226

MS in Neo-Assyrian on fine yellow-coloured clay, Nimrod, Assyria, 705-681 BC, 1 tablet, lower left-hand part,  7 and 2 columns, lines in a magnificent cuneiform script by the scribe, Nabû-zuqup-kena.

Psalms with Calendar, Canticles & Litany | MS 1371

MS in Latin and Middle English on vellum, Arras or St. Omer, North France, mid 13th c. (text 1), England, 1356 (text 3) & 15th c. (texts 2, 4-8), in Gothic book script of medium grade and quality by 2 scribes.


MS in Latin on vellum, York or Ripon, Yorkshire, ca. 1425, 7-21 lines in a rotunda Gothic book script of medium quality, 136 drawings, 114 miniatures.

Missal with Calendar | MS 1372 (1)

MS in Latin on vellum, Southern Tyrol, Austria, 2nd half of 15th c., 107 ff. in a rounded Gothic book script of medium grade and quality, painted initials in red, blue or green throughout, some with flourishes or penwork.

Ivory Book Calendar | MS 1577

MS in Swedish on ivory, Sweden, ca. 1500, 4-6 lines in Runes of the younger Futhark, some saints' names added later in French in capitals, 2 solar circles, 32 feast day symbols, 80 drawings of saints, use of Brughes.

Norwegian Girdle Calendar | MS 2913 (1)

MS in Norwegian and Latin on vellum, Uvdal, Norway, 1636, 15 lines in capitals, Norwegian Gothic cursive script and a variant of Roman numbers, 80 miniatures of saints or their symbols, 12 circular diagrams, 12 miniatures of the months; flattens out into a long strip.