3.4 Classical Greek Literature

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Hesiod Erga kai Hemerai (Works & Days) | MS 5068
MS in Greek on papyrus, Alexandria, Egypt, 3rd c. BC, 2 fragments from 1 column of a scroll, 5x4 cm and 4x5 cm, (original column width ca. 12 cm), 13 lines in a fine regular Greek uncial.
Homer's Iliad | MS 5094
MS in Greek on papyrus, Egypt, mid 3rd c. BC, with 16 lines in irregular Greek capitals.
Homer's Odyssey | MS 5069

MS in Greek on papyrus, Egypt, late 3rd - 2nd c. BC, 3 fragments from column 1-3 of a scroll, 8x4 cm, 13x9 cm, and 6x8 cm, (original column width ca. 16 cm), 32 lines in Greek uncial.

Maximus Confessor Florilegium | MS 2455
MS in Greek on vellum, Byzantine Empire, 2nd half of 11th c., in a handsome Greek minuscule, large illuminated headpiece in 3-sided shape enclosing coloured leaves and flowers on gold ground, drawing of a bearded face.
Aristophanes Pluto & the Clouds | MS 593 (1)
MS in Greek on paper, possibly Crete, 2nd half of 15th c., 227 ff. (-5), 20x14 cm, single column, (16x8 cm), 15 lines in Greek minuscule, initials, headings and names of actors in red, many additions and glosses.
Platon: Phaedo | MS 2336 (1)
MS in Latin on vellum, Spain, 2nd half of 15th c., 87 ff. (-10 ff.), 21x15 cm, single column, (14x7 cm), 25 lines in a neat rounded humanistic book script, 5 illuminated initials in gold and colours.
Pindar Demosthenes Synerios Kyminites | MS 1660
MS in Greek on paper, Bucarest or Jassy, Rumania, ca. 1676-1710, 432 ff. (complete), 22x15 cm, single column, (14x9 cm - 20x12 cm), 18-36 lines in a highly cursive Greek minuscule with gloss filling the remaining space of the page.