4.7 Arabic

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Hijazi Ti'm script | MS 4584 (1)

MS palimpsest on vellum, Medina, 644-656 (text 1) and 632-650 (text 2) 1 f 37x28 cm, single column (34x26 cm) 24 + 20 lines in Ti'm (or Hijazi) script.

Sumerian Blackstone with Arabic Script | MS 2400
MS in Sumerian on black stone, Lagash, Sumer, ca. 2150 BC: text 1: 8 lines in cuneiform script; text 2: in Arabic, 661-750 AD, 13 lines in Omayyad kufic script.
Mashq Quu'ran | MS 4597
MS in Arabic on paper, North Africa or Near East, ca. 750-800, 16 lines in mashq script, vocalisation of red and green dots, circular device in green and brown at the end of verse 111.
Kufic Qur'an | MS 2954
MS in Arabic on vellum, North Africa, 9th-10th c., 15 lines in a fine Kufic book script, diacritics red and brown dots, one gold droplet as a verse marker, first word transcribed in top right hand corner.
Eastern Kufic Script Qur'an | MS 4594
MS in Arabic on buff paper, Iran, 11th-12th c., 15 lines in an elegant eastern kufic script, diacritical marks and vocalisation in red and green, 3 gold medallions and a gold leaf in margins, sura heading IN smaller naskhi book script.
Maghrebi Script Qur'an | MS 4593

MS in Arabic on pink paper, Andalusia, Spain (or North Africa), in a monumental Maghrebi script and other scripts.

Maghrebi 'Sudani' style Qur'an | MS 2971
MS in Arabic on paper, Hausa area, Nigeria, 19th c, 14 lines in a fine Maghrebi script in "Sudani" style, punctuation and marginal initials , 3 full-page displays of strapwork or geometric decoration.
Bihari Qur'an | MS 4595
MS in Arabic on buff paper, India, late 14th -15th c., 13 lines in a vigorous Bihari script in alternating blue, marginal commentaries in Persian and in Naskhi script.
Chronicles of All Prophets | MS 4600 (1)
MS in Persian on paper, Ottoman Turkey, 2nd half 16th c., 6+10 lines in an elegant Nasta'liq script, surrounded by extensive panels of intricate designs, 5 gold medallions with 2 lines in Nasta'liq book script.