18.2 Sweden

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Franciscan Breviary | MS 1392

MS in Latin on vellum, Sweden, ca. 1400-1460, 247 ff.  in Gothic book script of high grade and medium quality, 2 8-line elaborate penwork, illuminated initials.

Law Code in Swedish | MS 1585

MS in Swedish on paper, Sweden, first half of 16th c, additions 1569, in a calligraphic Swedish cursive, headings in Gothic book script of medium grade and quality, decorated initials throughout.

Swedish Chronicle | MS 1937

MS in Swedish on paper, Sweden, ca. 1600, 218 ff. (complete), 32x19 cm, single column, (28x13 cm), 35-41 lines in Swedish cursive script by 2 scribes.

Selma Lagerloef Legend & Autobiography | MS 2125

MS and printed text in Swedish and German on paper, Fryken, Sweden, 1903-1921 and1927, single column, 34 lines in cursive script, autograph, signed.