3.3 Assyrian Literature

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The Gilgamesh Cylinder Seal | MS 1989
Created on: 29 May 2013
MS in Neo-Assyrian on brown agate, Assyria, ca. 7th c. BC, one cylinder seal with Enkidu and Gilgamesh.
List of Temples (Niniveh) | MS 3030
Created on: 29 May 2013
MS in Sumerian and Assyrian on yellow toned clay, Niniveh, Assyria, ca. 700 BC, 1 tablet, 14,3x9,0x2,2 cm, 2 columns, 146 lines in an expert cuneiform script by the royal scribe.
Incantation from the series Hulbazizi | MS 2447
Created on: 29 May 2013

MS in Assyrian on white chalcedony, Assyria, 900-600 BC, 1 demon head, 10 lines in cuneiform script, with a fine detailed visage of the demon Pazuzu combining human and lionine features, deeply carved on one side, a winged solar disc beneath the text.