23. Extinct & Living Religions

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The Schøyen Collection is a unique gift to everyone fascinated by the mystery that lies at the origins of religions and cultures. This is the only collection, library or museum that actually has made an attempt to form a collection of the various living and extinct religions of the world, and over a period of time nearly as far back as religion itself. As it widens our knowledge of ancient cultures, societies and individual life, it enhances our understanding of contemporary expressions of faiths.

At the time of writing, we know of no national library or any library or museum have specifically collected manuscripts representing the world's religions, both extinct and living religions, over 5000 years. The manuscripts presented here are a unique representation of the breadth of religious expressions.  The world's major religions are not only given depth of historical context, less widely known extinct and indeed modern religions are also represented - as indeed is magic.

Bible: Genesis | MS 2640

MS in Hebrew on vellum, Egypt, ca. 14th c., 1 scroll, 46x ca.500 cm, 49 lines per column in a square Hebrew book script.

Bible: Kings, Chronicles, Isaiah | MS 631 (1)

MS in Hebrew on vellum, Germany, 12th-13th c., 4 ff. + 2 partial ff. (3 bifolia), 20x17 cm, single column, (12x7 cm), 25 lines in a fine square Hebrew book scrip

Isaac ben Jacob Alfasi Commentary | MS 1860
MS in Hebrew on paper, Palestine or Iraq, 12th c., 6 ff., 17x13 cm, single column (12x9 cm), 16 lines in an oriental semi-cursive Hebrew book script.
Moses Maimonides | MS 1863
MS in Hebrew on paper, Egypt, early 13th c., 2 ff., 19x12 cm, single column, (18x11 cm), 15 lines in a semi-cursive Hebrew book script.
Ezekiel Isaiah Hekhalot | MS 2046
MS in Jewish-Aramaic on clay, Near East, 5th-6th c., 1 incantation bowl, 19x7 cm, 16 lines in a formal Jewish-Aramaic script.
QU'RAN (CHINA) | MS 4475

MS in Arabic on paper, China, late 16th to early 17th c., 30 vols. (complete) 50-60 ff. per vol., 20x28 cm, single column, (13x17 cm)