19. Dictionaries & Lexical Texts

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Sumerian lexical list - 1 | MS - 3173

MS in Sumerian on clay, Sumer, Uruk III, 3100-3000 BC, lower 1/2 of a tablet, 10,5x24,5x4,5 cm (originally ca. 25x24,5x4,5 cm), 9 columns, 120 lines in pictographic script.

Sumerian lexical list - 2 | MS 2462

MS in Sumerian on clay, Sumer, ca. 2500 BC, 1 tablet, 12,6x13,4x2,5 cm, 6 columns, 96 compartments in a fine professional cuneiform script.

Sumerian to Babylonian translation tablet | MS 3178

MS in Neo Sumerian and Babylonian on clay, Babylonia, 1400-1100 BC, 1 tablet, 24,3x16,5x4,0 cm, 2+2 columns, 213 lines of originally ca. 260 lines, in cuneiform script.

Isidous Hispalensis: Etymologiarum Sive Originum, Book 20, with list of chapters.

MS in Latin on vellum, Northern France, Flanders or England, 1150-1175, 2 ff., 39x29 cm, 2 columns, (31x22 cm), 44 lines in Romanesque book script of medium quality, over 150 small painted capitals in red or green, 9 large 2-line decorated initials in red or green.

Tanhum Ben Joseph Yerushalmi | MS 2195

MS in Hebrew and Judaeo-Arabic on paper, Egypt, 13th c., 38 ff., 20x13 cm, single column, (14x9 cm), 18 lines in an oriental rabbinic Hebrew cursive script.

The Pliny of Saint James in the March | MS 1000

MS in Latin on vellum, Italy, ca. 1400, 2 vols., 105+177 ff. (complete), vol. 1 (Books 1-13): 35x25 cm, single column, (25x16 cm), vol. 2 (Books 19-37): 37x25 cm, 2 columns, (25x16 cm), signed by Saint Giacomo.


MS in Irish, English, French, Latin, Hebrew, Greek, Arabic (text 1), and English, French, German, Italian, Latin, Greek (text 2) on paper, text 1: Dublin, 1795, 43 pp.; text 2: Middle Hill, 1860-1866, 288 pp.; 32x19 cm, single column, (30x18 cm), in cursive script by Colonel Vallancey (text 1) and Sir Thomas Phillipps (text 2), as a ledger with alphabet tabs.


Blockprint and MS in Chinese on paper, Nanjing?, China, 1814, 5 vols., 23x14 cm, 8 columns, (16x11 cm), 16 characters in Chinese book script, additions in black and red ink; MS: 4 pp. owner's notes (16x10 cm) 12 columns, 20 characters; titles on bottom edges. Binding: Nanjing?, China, 1814, stitched on 4 stations (xiangzhuang), grey paper covers.