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Appointment to a Chaplaincy | MS 1676/1
Created on: 09 June 2013
MS in Latin on vellum, Kirkwall, Orkney, 3 April 1565, in a cursive secretary documentary script, flourished initial, notarial manual, episcopal seal in red wax of Adam Bothwell.
Matthias Corvinus | MS 714
Created on: 09 June 2013
MS i in Latin on vellum, Buda, Hungary, 25 April 1464, lines in Hungarian secretary documentary cursive script, with the Great Royal seal of Hungary in red wax.
Charter: Erthchamberlayne, Sterling, Scotland | MS 1656
Created on: 09 June 2013
MS in Latin with legal terms in Anglo-Saxon, proper names and endorsement in Middle Scots, on vellum, Falkland, Scotland, 24 April 1417, long lines in a Scottish secretary documentary script, large initial showing the Governor Robert Duke of Albany.