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Riccius Canon In Diapante Remissum | MS 5529

MS in Latin on paper, Ansbach, Germany, 27 April 1597, 1 p 12x7 cm, written on 3 single staves in mensural notation without bars, inscribed in 9 lines with dedication, autograph

Polyphonic Kyrie and Creed | MS 5553

MS on vellum, Spain, 16th c, 2 ff 42x38 cm, ruled with 6 brown staves, notated on two pairs of 2 staves each in polyphonic mensural notation.

Hilton: Short Service 1 | MS 5566

MS in Tudor English on paper, Westminster, ca 1628-1659, 15 pp including two title pp, 32x21 cm, notated on 10 staves per page with some corrections

Lassus: Septem Psalmi Poenitentiales | MS 5570 (1)

3 MSS in Latin and Italian on paper, Germany, originally 1559, 31+101+69 pp (complete) by 3 copyists ca 1825, with some MS annotations and amendments, apparently for performance.

Polyphonic Music A MS 5578

MS in Middle High German on vellum, Austria or South Germany mid 15th c, polyphonic music in mensural notation on four 5-line staves, texts 1 and 2 by the same scribe.

Polyphonic Credo (1) | MS 5580

MS in Latin and Eastern Upper German on paper, Bayern-Salzburg, 2nd half of 15th c or early 16th c, 23 lines in an angular German Gothic cursive, staves with polyphonic mensural notation.

Office of the Dead | MS 5581 (1)

MS in Latin on vellum, probably Low countries, 1530's, ruled with 8 5-line staves, formal polyphonic mensural notation of Discantus and Tenor parts.

J S Bach Toccata in D | MS 5571 (1)

MS in German and Italian on paper, Germany, probably ca 1705-1725, 14 pp 34x21 cm, ruled with 14 staves, (30x20 cm) notated by a German copyist on seven 2-stave systems.

Händel's Coronation Hymns | MS 5179  (1)

MS in English on paper, London, England, 1727-1735, 150 pp. (complete?), 42x27 cm, ruled with 18 staves.