An expanded and updated publications section with a bibliography of 468 titles has been introduced. The new section is a more accurate reflection of the Schøyen Collection as a resource, and is an aid to researchers, publishers, students and scholars.

The section is divided into three parts:

The updated page on the Manuscripts in the Schøyen Collection Series includes the most recent publications which are:

Sumerian proverbs in The Schøyen Collection, by Bendt Alster, in: Cornell University Studies in Assyriology and Sumerology, vol. 2. Bethesda, MD, 2007. (Cuneiform texts II.)
A Remarkable Collection of Babylonian Mathematical Texts, by Jöran Friberg, in: Sources and Studies in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences. Springer Verlag, 2007. (Cuneiform Texts I.)
Buddhist Manuscripts III, general editor: Jens Braarvig. Oslo, Hermes Publishing, 2006.

Other works in progress in the series, which covers more than 60 per cent of the Schøyen Collection, include:

Magical and Biblical Texts, mainly in Aramaic, 5th-6th c, by Prof. Shaul Shaked, Hebrew University, Jerusalem (3 vols)
Dead Sea Scrolls in The Schøyen Collection, by Dr. Torleif Elgvin

Both are due for publication in 2009

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