16. Seals

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There are more than 560 seal matrices and in the region of 400 seal impressions in the Schoyen collection, 27 available on this website. The collection starts with 150 stamp seal matrices from the 5th and 4th millennium BC, and ends with wax seals on medieval documents and papal lead bullas.

MS in Indus Valley language on white steatite, Indus Civilization, ca. 2500-1800 BC 

MS in Latin on brass mounted on copper alloy, Durham?, England, 1595-1606, circular seal matrix, lines in square capitals, the Chancellor of the Court of Pleas of Durham on the obverse.

MS in Latin on copper alloy with polished brass colour, Isle of Man, England, 3rd quarter of 15C, oval seal matrix,  in black-letter script, figure of a bishop holding a staff, a smaller three- quarter length figure of the bishop praying.

MS in Latin on copper alloy, England, 1430-1431, circular face seal matrix, in black-letter script, a central shield with the arms of Roos surmounted by a peacock.

MS in Latin on silver, England, 13c, oval face seal matrix, in Lombardic script, pierced suspension loop in the shape of a dragon's head with inset Roman cornelian stone, 1c "Mars Gradivus".

MS in Latin on bronze, Mel near Bergen, Sunnhordland, Norway, or England, 1247-1266, seal matrix, formal Lombardic script, armoured knight on a horse.

MS in Latin on walrus ivory, Kent, England, 11c, seal matrix, Anglo-Saxon capitals, 3/4 length figure of a man with sword; bird-headed dragon handle.

MS in Hebrew on lead, Dead Sea area, 1st c. BC - 1st c. AD., bulla with an archaic Hebrew letter and an illustration the Menorah.

MS in Luwian on red jasper, Neo Hittite states, Syria, 10th-8th c. BC, cursive Hittite hieroglyphs within a circle, pierced for suspension.

Cylinder seal on grey chalcedony, Babylonia, ca. 800-600 BC, 1 seal, h. 3,8 cm, diam 1,3 cm, showing battling animals rampant and a priest standing before an altar with the spade device representing Marduk, and 2 types of styli, a wedge for clay and a stylus for wax.

MS in Neo Sumerian on green stone, Babylonia, 2000-1600 BC, 1 cylinder seal, diam. 1,4x2,9 cm, single column, 4 lines in cuneiform script, with dedication scene.