5. Patristic Literature

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MS in Latin on vellum, Germany, 12th c., 38 lines in a late Carolingian minuscule with rustic capitals and several words in Greek capitals, headings in red, 10 large decorated initials alongside the verses of St. Isidore.

MS in Latin on vellum, Abbey of Locmaria, Finistère, Bretagne, ca. 1100, 78 ff. (complete), 21x13 cm, single column, (18x10 cm), 41 lines in an early Romanesque script with many insular features.

MS palimpsest on vellum, Mt. Sinai, Egypt. Text 1 (underlying text): in Armenian, 6th c. Text 2 (overlying text): In Syriac, 1st half of 10th c., with 7 interlinear decorations.

MS in the Akhmimic dialect of Coptic on papyrus, Upper Egypt, 4th c., 1 partial papyrus, 17x7 cm, 1 column remaining (14x5 cm, column width 5 cm), 18+19 lines in Coptic half uncial.

Here, 17 manuscripts are presented online out of a collection of all together 133 items spanning 3rd century to 16th century AD. This section covers central medieval texts and supplements the Bible Collection.