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MS in Neo Sumerian on clay, Babylonia, 28th regnal year of King Samsu-iluna, 1722 BC, 1 tablet, 10,5x7,1x2,7 cm, single column, 29 lines in cuneiform script by Marduk-mushallim. 

MS in Latin and French on vellum, Paris or Tour, France, ca. 1480, 167 ff. (-8), 16x11 cm, single column (14x8 cm), 18 lines in a Gothic liturgical book script, 340 panel borders in liquid gold and colours, 103 miniatures of which 14 are full-page in liquid gold and colours in the style of Jean Colombe and of Maître François. 

MS in Latin and French, with Flemish on the flyleaves, on vellum, Tournai, France, 1475-90, 71 ff. (-5), 18x12 cm, single column (14x9 cm).

MS in Latin and French on vellum, Metz, France, mid 15th c., 134 ff. (-ca. 5), 17x12 cm.

MS in Latin and Old Sumerian on granite, Oslo, 1995, 4 stone slabs, all together 300x200x7-15 cm, 2,4 tons, 1 sign in Latin capital, 1 sign in Sumerian pictographic script, by the sculptor Kristian Blystad, after designs by Jorunn Sannes. 

MS in Newari on yellow stained paper, Nepal, 18th c., 32 ff. (complete), 29x13 cm, single column, (26x13 cm), 9-11 lines in Newari script, 30 drawings or diagrams in red, blue, green, orange and white. 

MS in Old Babylonian on clay, Babylonia, 2000-1700 BC, 1 tablet, 11,7x10,3x2,0 cm, labyrinth of square and symmetric form. 

 MS on clay, Larsa, Babylonia, 1865-1850 BC, 1 tablet, 12,0x8,8x2,5 cm, detailed drawing with the various halls, rooms and antechambers around the central courtyard.