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MS in English on paper, England, 2006, 51 pp., 30x81 cm, 350 drawings with scene identifications and camera angles in capitals and cursive script. Provenance: 1. Lucius Books, York. 

MS and printed in English on paper, England, 1997, 1 MS p., 19x15 cm, single column, (10x10 cm), 4 lines in cursive script, autograph, signed, drawing 37x19 cm in full colours, inscribed: Albus Dumbledore, Thomas Taylor, 1997. 

MS and printed in English on paper, England, 1988-1989, 4 lines, autograph, signed, full-page drawing, 19x12 cm, signed, 2 printed vols. Binding: England, ca. 1989, Paperback and bound vols. 

MS in Swedish on paper, Stockholm, 1945-1948, 1 p., 21x16 cm, single column, (ca. 19x14 cm), 12 lines in shorthand, 2 lines dedication in cursive script, autograph, signed, with a typed signed letter and signed photo.

MS and printed in English on paper, London or Westmoreland, England, August 1927, 2 pp., 17x12 cm, single column, (12x9 cm), 2+1 lines in cursive script, autograph, signed, 2 drawings in watercolour and ink. Text 3: 26 September 1913, 4 pp., 18x11 cm, 47 lines in total, autograph, signed, drawing of 3 pigs in a row.

MS in Latin and Arabic (text 2) on vellum, Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, ca. 1150-1187, 2 partial ff., 19x14 cm, single column, (17x10 cm remaining), 16 lines remaining in Romanesque book script of medium quality; text 2: Palestine/Damascus, 13th c., 5 lines in Arabic naskhi. 

MS in Thai, with some Pali passages, on paper, Thailand, ca. 1800, 102 ff. (complete), 15x65 cm, 1 - 3 columns, (3 columns: text: 28 cm column width), 5 lines in a very fine Old Cambodian book script, 14 coloured miniatures, each 29x20 cm, of high quality, between coloured borders on both sides of text. 

MS in Russian Chuch Slavonic on paper, Russia, ca. 1750, 266 ff. (complete), 19x15 cm, single column, (14/15x11/12 cm), 20-22 lines in Cyrillic semi-uncial by several scribes, red titles and chapter headings, 135 full-page illustrations in full colours by several artists displaying the collaboration of a circle of Old Believer artists of varying levels of skill. 

MS in Japanese on paper, Kyoto, Japan, 17th c., 1 roll (complete), 34x630 cm, 13 scenes, 33x48 cm, in full colours and gold, a descendant of the paintings by the Tosa school for the Imperial Court. 

MS in Arabic on paper, Mt. Sinai, Egypt, 14th-16th c., 71 ff. (complete), 18x13 cm, single column, (15x11 cm), 11 lines in Arabic naskhi script by several scribes. 

MS in Neo Sumerian and Old Babylonian on clay, Babylonia, 2000-1700 BC, 1 tablet, 22,0x9,5x4,0 cm, 2 columns, 65 lines in cuneiform script, double ruled lines between each entry. 

MS in Arabic on paper, Syria, ca. 1250-1275, 79 ff. (complete), 25x19 cm, single column (18x12 cm), 13 lines in Arabic Naskhi script, emphasis and proper names in red and blue, large circular panel in black, red and blue.