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MS in Old Babylonian on clay, probably Larsa, Babylonia, ca. 1900-1700 BC, 1 tablet, 10,4x7,8x3,2 cm, 45 lines (originally 66) in cuneiform script.

MS in Japanese on paper, Japan, 1804-1817, 24 ff. (complete), 20x27 cm, single column, (17x20 cm), captions in Japanese characters, 28 double page illustrations, 3 in colours. 

MS in Chinese and Japanese on paper, Japan, ca. 1760, 5 vols., 26x19 cm, 11-12 columns, (20x15 cm), 8-17 characters per column in Chinese and Japanese book script, 309 half-page, 1 full-page highly finished paintings in full colours of fish, whales, shells, shrimps, squids, crabs, turtles, lobsters, etc. 

MS in late Assyrian on jasper, Assyria, 900-600 BC, 1 fish-formed bracelet of 10 pieces, 16,0x2,4 cm, 1 sign, meaning "fish", in Late Assyrian cuneiform on the fish-head, on the other pieces: a group of concentric circles in the middle, a cross and a narrow band of very close short vertical strokes, 2 holes for a cord or wire, tail-piece missing.  

MS in Neo Sumerian on clay, probably Larsa, Babylonia, 2000-1700 BC, 1 tablet, 9,8x9,8x2,5 cm, 3 columns, 22 lines in cuneiform script by a competent scribal student. 

MS palimpsest in Italian and Latin (texts 5, 50-51) on vellum, Firenze, Italy, ca. 1450, 166 ff. (complete), 27x17 cm, single column, (23x11 cm), 39-46 lines in Italian cursive with some side notes and capitals in red.

MS French on vellum(text 1) and paper(text 2), Lorraine, France, 2 ff.; Text 1: ca. 1450, 12x33 cm, single column, (12x33 cm), 2 lines in a rotunda Gothic book script of medium quality, map in brown, green and red. Text 2: ca. 1550, 13x33 cm, single column, (13x33 cm), 1 line in French cursive script, map in grey, black, brown, and red. 

MS in Old Babylonian on clay, Niru, Babylonia, 1684-1647 BC, 1 tablet, 9,5x12,0x2,8 cm, 22 lines and captions in cuneiform script. 

MS in Neo Sumerian on clay, Umma, Sumer, Ur III dynasty, 2112-2004 BC, 1 tablet, 6,3x7,2x2,3 cm, 5 lines in cuneiform script, map of fields. 

MS on chalk-like stone, Fords Bridge, Bourke, New South Wales, Australia, ca. 20000-3000 BC, 1 oval-conical and cornute form cylcon, flat base, 22x7x7 cm, paired parallel lines, groups of small dashes, longitudinal deep incisions, rows of dashes, heavy weathering on one side. 

MS in Old Babylonian on clay, probably Larsa Babylonia, 2000-1600 BC, 1 tablet, 10,5x6,4x2,2 cm, single column, 22+15 lines in a clumsy cuneiform script. 

MS in Latin on vellum, Marostica, Italy, ca. 1480-1531, 1 f., 29x20 cm, 2 columns, (27x16 cm), 40 lines in humanistic book script. Binding: Venezia, 1480, black leather, sewn of 5 thongs.