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MS in English on vellum, England, 1678, 154 ff. (complete), 39x31 cm, single column, (37x27 cm), 30-35 lines in sloping cursive and round roman scripts.

MS in English on vellum, England, 1627, 1 roll of 8 membranes (complete), 76x530 cm, in Roman and Italic book script, large, 70x55 cm, ornamental heading within illuminated borders, 68 coats of arms, 5 large miniatures in colours of Byron family tombs. 

MS in Latin (texts 1, 3, 6, 7, 9, 11, 15-17) and English on paper, England, ca. 1575-1635, 180 ff., 29x18 cm, single column, (26x15 cm), up to 50 lines in English cursive secretary book script by Francis Thynne, additions by Sir Richard St. George. 

MS in English and French (text 4) on paper, England, ca. 1580-1613, 2 vols., 252+147 ff., 19x13 cm, single column, (ca. 18x12 cm), 30-38 lines in English cursive documentary script.

MS in English on paper, England, ca. 1589-1600, 203 ff. (complete), 31x21 cm, single column, (27x16 cm), up to 42 lines in English secretary documentary script, ca. 500 coats of arms tricked in and painted in water colours of high quality by a herald. 

MS in Irish Gaelic (text 1) and English (text 2) on paper, Cork, Ireland, April 1893, 62 ff. incl. 33 blanks (complete), 21x16 cm, single column, (16x11 cm) 19-20 lines in a fine Irish minuscule (text 1) and English cursive (text 2 and introduction), by Pádraic Stúndún (Patrick Stanton), penwork initials, lined borders, 3 decorated borders, 1 in sepia and red, signed 4 times by the scribe. 

MS in Ge'ez on vellum, Ethiopia, 1754 (text 1), 1732, 155 ff. (complete), 38x32 cm, 2 columns, (27x26 cm), 20 lines in Ethiopic Gwelh by 2 scribes, opening lines and section headings in red, 44 quarter- to half-page and 3 full-page paintings. 

MS in Ge'ez on vellum, Monastery of Däbrä Libanos, Shoa, Ethiopia, 1497-1508, 176 ff. (complete), 28x23 cm, 2 columns, (21x18 cm), 23 lines in Ethiopic Ge'ez book script by Fere Qeddus commissioned by Abbot Petros, 6 full-page ornamental headpieces (haräg) in full colours, framing the major text divisions. 

MS in Fayumic on papyrus, Fayum, Egypt, 10th c., 10 substantial partial ff., up to 18x20 cm, originally 30-32x24 cm, 70 smaller parts (from 5x5 to 10x10 cm mostly), and 35 fragments, 2 columns, originally ca. 20-22 lines in a beautiful square heavy Coptic uncial. 

MS in Latin on vellum, Aachen, Germany, 1501, 82 ff. (complete), 18x12 cm, single column, (14x9 cm), 30 lines in a late Gothic book script by the scribe Theodoric Clocker, headings in red, 2-to 3-line initials in red throughout, 4 4-to 5-line initials in red. 

MS in Greek on papyrus, Alexandria, Egypt, late 2nd-1st c. BC, 1 fragment of a scroll, 6x4 cm, single column, 15 lines in a small Greek uncial. 

MS in Babylonian on clay, Uruk, ca. 300 BC, 1 tablet, 7,4x5,8x2,3 cm, 31 lines in cuneiform script by one of the leading Uruk scribes, Anu-Iksur or Iqisha.