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MS in Aramaic on clay, Palmyra, Syria, ca. 100 BC, 1 tessera, 2,0x2,4 cm, 1+1 line in Aramaic square script. 

MS in Babylonian on clay, Babylonia, 2000-1600 BC, ca. 1/3 of a tablet, 7,7 x6,1x2,0 cm ( originally ca. 7,7x17,0x2,0 cm), with the larger part of the main part of the gaming board with 9 out of 12 squares, one of which is divided into 4 triangles by crossing lines.

MS in Norwegian on paper, Oslo, Norway, ca. 1925-1938, 4 pp., 28x20 cm, single column, (23x16 cm), 26 lines in cursive script, autograph, signed. 

MS in Norwegian on paper, London, October 1912, 16 ff., 26x20 cm, single column (20x16 cm), 23 lines in cursive script, autograph, signed. 

MS in Danish on paper, København, Denmark, ca. 1903, 7 pp., 28x18 cm, single column, (26x17 cm), 40 lines in cursive script, autograph, signed. 

MS in Norwegian on paper, Norway, ca. 1860-1869, 14 pp., 28x21 cm, single column, (27x20 cm), 24 lines in cursive script, autograph, signed. 

MS in Japanese on paper, Japan, ca. 1800, 20 ff. (complete), 26x18 cm, 12 columns, (24x15 cm) with 18-20 characters in Shodo (calligraphic cursive script) per column, commentary in 24 columns at top of page in Shodo and Kanji (Chinese characters) with 10-15 characters per column. 

MS in English and Irish Gaelic (text 1) on paper, Ballynatray, Waterford, Ireland, ca. 1680-1740 with additions up to 1855, 79 ff., 9x15 cm, single column, (8x14 cm), 10-18 lines in English cursive, by Susanna Gore, Christ. Adamson and several others. 

MS in Italian on paper, Chianti, Toscana, Italy, 1417-1418, 44 ff. including 20 blanks(-ca. 4 ff.), 29x21 cm, several columns, up to 23x16 cm), up to 40 lines in notarial script by several scribes. 

MS in Middle German on vellum, Ingelheim-on-Rhein, Franconia, Germany, 20 April 1387, 1 f.,10x28 cm, 13 long lines in German documentary script, part of large green wax seal with a splayed eagle. 

MS in Greek on papyrus, Egypt, 2nd c., 1 papyrus, 13x6 cm, 1 column remaining, 15+6 lines in Greek cursive script. 

MS in Neo Elamite on clay, Persepolis, Iran, 521-486 BC, 1 tongue shaped tag, 3,7x3,7x1,7 cm, single column, 5 lines in Elamite cuneiform script.