24.16 Wine & Beer

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MS in Italian on paper, Chianti, Toscana, Italy, 1417-1418, 44 ff. including 20 blanks(-ca. 4 ff.), 29x21 cm, several columns, up to 23x16 cm), up to 40 lines in notarial script by several scribes. 

MS in Middle German on vellum, Ingelheim-on-Rhein, Franconia, Germany, 20 April 1387, 1 f.,10x28 cm, 13 long lines in German documentary script, part of large green wax seal with a splayed eagle. 

MS in Greek on papyrus, Egypt, 2nd c., 1 papyrus, 13x6 cm, 1 column remaining, 15+6 lines in Greek cursive script. 

MS in Neo Elamite on clay, Persepolis, Iran, 521-486 BC, 1 tongue shaped tag, 3,7x3,7x1,7 cm, single column, 5 lines in Elamite cuneiform script.  

MS in Neo Sumerian on clay, Sumer, Ur III dynasty, 2080-2010 BC, 1 tablet, 5,3x3,5x1,5 cm, single column, 19 lines in cuneiform script. 

MS in archaic Sumerian on clay, Uruk, Sumer, 31st c. BC, 1 tablet, 6,8x7,2x1,9 cm, 1 compartment of text in an expert pictographic script Uruk III.