24.2 Books of Hours & Prayerbooks

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MS in Latin and French on vellum, Paris or Tour, France, ca. 1480, 167 ff. (-8), 16x11 cm, single column (14x8 cm), 18 lines in a Gothic liturgical book script, 340 panel borders in liquid gold and colours, 103 miniatures of which 14 are full-page in liquid gold and colours in the style of Jean Colombe and of Maître François. 

MS in Latin and French, with Flemish on the flyleaves, on vellum, Tournai, France, 1475-90, 71 ff. (-5), 18x12 cm, single column (14x9 cm).

MS in Latin and French on vellum, Metz, France, mid 15th c., 134 ff. (-ca. 5), 17x12 cm.