Academic Credits

The descriptions are based on the research, publications and kind assistance of the following scholars: Prof. Dr. Barbara Aland, Prof. John H. Baker, Prof. Malachi Beit-Arié, Prof. Hans G. Bethge, the late Prof. Dr. Bernhard Bischoff, Dr. Ronald Black, Prefect Leonard E. Boyle, Prof. Jens Braarvig, David Brafman, Dr. Paul Brand, Dr. George J. Brooke, Dr. Magen Broshi, Dr. Michelle Brown, Prof. Virginia Brown, Prof. James H. Charlesworth, Dr. Miguel Civil, Dr. Sarah Clackson, Dr. Walter E.H. Cockle, Dr. Revel A. Coles, Prof. Marvin L. Colker, Dr. Peter Damerow, the late Prof. A.C. de la Mare, Dr. Alain Desreumaux, Dr. Kristin De Troyer, Dr. Torleif Elgvin, Prof. Dr. Robert Englund, Dr. Weston Fields, Dr. Roland Folter, Dr. Arthur Freeman, Dr. Jöran Friberg, Prof. John B. Friedman, Prof. Mark Geller, Prof. Andrew R. George, Prof. James E. Goehring, Dr. Stephen Goranson, the late Dr. Jeremy Griffiths, Erik Hallager, Prof. Jens-Uwe Hartmann, Dr. Christopher de Hamel, Dr. Wei Chen-Hsuan, Dr. Christa Kessler, Prof. Paul Oskar Kristeller, Prof. André Lemaire, Richard Linenthal, Dr. Marilyn Lundberg, Dr. Florentino Garcia Martinez, Dr. Rosamond McKitterick, Prof. Kazunobu Matzuda, Dr. Stephen Mitchell, Dr. Olivier Munnich, Dr. William Noel, Prof. Asko Parpola, Prof. Rosario Pintaudi, Prof. James M. Robinson, Dr. Margaret M. Roxan, Prof. Richard Salomon, Prof. Dr. Lore Sander, the late Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin Schenke, Prof. Dr. Gangolf Schrimpf, Dr. David A. Scott, Prof. Shaul Shaked, Dr. John L. Sharpe, Prof. Nicholas Sims-Williams, Dr. John Strugnell, Dr. Kay Sutton, Dr. Irma Taavitsainen, Ilkka Taitto, Prof. R.S.O. Tomlin, Prof. Emanuel Tov, the late Dr. John C. Trever, Dr. Ronald A. Waldron, Prof. Andrew G. Watson, Prof. D.E.R. Watt, Michael Welte, Dr. Martin L. West, Prof. William Willis, Mark Wilson, Prof. Roger D. Woodard, Dr. Bruce Zuckerman.

Photo Credits

Fayez Barakat: MSS 1655/1-2.

Jens Braarvig ©: MSS 2375/08, 2375/12, 2179/44, 2376/1, 2378/1, 2379/44, 2382/269.

Christie's: MS 4517

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Glendining: MS 2223/16

Tom Jensen: MSS 049, 108, 200, 692, 1570, 1638, 1686, 1717, 1804/1, 1844, 1955/1, 1989, 2004, 2063, 2064, 2103/1-4, 2110/1, 2226, 2340, 2368, 2411/1, 2426, 2429/4, 2447, 2489, 2652/1, 2664, 2670, 2726, 2779, 2781, 2787, 2813, 2855, 2934/1-2, 2950, 2951, 2961, 3007, 3008, 3025, 3026, 3029, 3030, 3032, 3033, 3047, 3048, 3049, 3052, 4468, 4481, and Chained bindings 5.8. 
MSS 004, 035, 198, 604, 608, 711, 1878, 1955/6, 1984, 2077, 2088/1, 2192, 2199/2, 2221, 2272, 2306, 2317, 2351, 2401, 2456/6, 2462, 2486, 2722, 2764, 2784, 2814, 2848, 2866, 2968 3000, 3031, 3272/1, 3281, 4476, 4523, 4573/1, 4575, 4576, 4613, 4631, 4632, 2241.

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Rochester Institute of Technology, Xerox, and Princeton Theological Seminary: MS 4612

Sotheby's: MSS 194, 1755, 1754, 1978. 4601

R.S.O. Tomlin: MS 1720/1.

Bruce Zuckerman: MSS 1926/1-2, 1926/4.

Elizabeth G. Sørenssen: Scan or digital photos of the remaining MSS directly; and prepared all pictures for adapting to web formats.

Jingru Høivik: Adapted all illustrations to web formats.


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