4.4 Latin Documentary Scripts

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MS in Latin on vellum, Italy, Mantua, 25 October 1490, in an upright humanistic book script, by Sigismondo Golfo(?), the secretary of the Marquis of Mantua, and subscribed by him, with the Gonzaga device of a muzzle with a scroll across with the inscription "Bider Kraft".
MS in Latin on vellum, Roma, Italy, 26 April 1568, in a formal humanistic documentary script, stamped notarial mark, metal seal case.
MS in Latin on vellum, Avignon, 24 June 1321, 1 f. in papal chancery script, decorated opening initial, ascenders on letters on first line, lead seal in yellow and red cords.
From the complete archive of 918 documents from 1274 - ca. 1600 that belonged to the Colloredo family in Friuli and Udine in North-East Italy, and its collateral branches in Austria and Slovenia.
MS in Latin on vellum, Kirkwall, Orkney, 3 April 1565, in a cursive secretary documentary script, flourished initial, notarial manual, episcopal seal in red wax of Adam Bothwell.
MS i in Latin on vellum, Buda, Hungary, 25 April 1464, lines in Hungarian secretary documentary cursive script, with the Great Royal seal of Hungary in red wax.
MS in Latin with legal terms in Anglo-Saxon, proper names and endorsement in Middle Scots, on vellum, Falkland, Scotland, 24 April 1417, long lines in a Scottish secretary documentary script, large initial showing the Governor Robert Duke of Albany.
MS in Latin on vellum, Barcelona, Spain, 7 June 1401, long lines in Gothic documentary script, notarial mark twice. Annotated on reverse.
MS in Latin on vellum, Waterlere, Germany, 1332, long lines in a fine Gothic documentary script, important words in red, initials touched with red, flourished initial in red.
MS in Latin on vellum, Lacock, Wiltshire, England, 6 March 1311, lines in a fine English court documentary script, decorated opening letter, 3 seals of the Bishop of Salisbury, the Abbess and the Convent.

MS in French and Latin on vellum, Wasingham, England, 6 February 1297, lines in a rounded court documentary script, ascenders on the first line, decorated opening initial, red wax seal of the bishop of Durham.

MS in Latin on vellum, Guilford, England, 17 January 1215, in a fine English court documentary script, flourished capitals, by THE Chancellor of England, with the Great Seal of England in dark green wax.