4.3 Latin Book Scripts

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MS in Latin on vellum, Lake Konstanz Region, Germany, 800-825, 17 lines in a transitional Carolingian minuscule showing the influence of local alemannic minuscule, large uncial letters at the beginning of each sentence.
MS in Latin on vellum, diocese of Chur, Switzerland, 20 lines remaining in a very fine clear Rhaetian minuscule and in uncial, 2 initials decorated in colours, probably made in the scriptorium of Bishop Remedius 800-806.
MS in Latin on vellum, Spain, 10th c., 1 f., 27x15 cm, 2 columns, (22x10 cm, originally 22x14 cm), 29 lines in Visigothic minuscule of square upright form. 2 ornamental initials in colours.
MS in Latin on vellum, Montecassino, Italy, early 12th c., in a very fine Beneventan minuscule of Montecassino type in 2 sizes, Beneventan diastematic (heightened) staffless neumes.
MS in Latin on vellum, Southern Italy, ca. 1100, 1 f., 56x37 cm, 2 columns, (42x27 cm), 37 lines in a fine regular Beneventan minuscule, capitals touched red, small entwined dragon initials, 2 large interlaced dragon initials with ribbons of yellow and red ending in beast-heads of blue and green and with a central creature.

MS in Latin on vellum, Puglia, Italy, late 11th c., in a fine Beneventan minuscule of "Bari type", music in Beneventan diastematic (heightened) staffless neumes with accompanying text in smaller script.

MS in Latin on vellum, Corbie region, France, 750-800, 2ff, 27 lines in a very fine Merovingian minuscule, running titles in 12th c script, headings in large red uncials, several initials in pale red or brown.
MS in Latin on vellum, Luxeuil, France, early 8th c., 2 ff., 23x15 cm, single column, (17x10 cm), 18 lines in Luxeuil minuscule, initials in Merovingian capitals and Merovingian uncial, 2 decorated initials.
MS in Latin on vellum, North Italy, mid 9th c., 1 f., 27x21 cm, single column (text), (27x7 cm), with marginal gloss on both sides, 25 lines in an ornate, uneven half uncial (text), ca. 60 lines in a cramped Carolingian minuscule (gloss).

MS in Latin on vellum, Italy, 6th c., 2 partial ff., 32x7 cm, originally 32x26 cm, 1 of 2 columns, (25x7 cm, originally 25x24 cm), 26 lines in a regular stately Latin uncial, written "per cola et commata".

MS in Latin on lead, Tarlton, Gloucestershire, England, ca. 150-300, 1 tablet, 3,5x11,0 cm, 6 lines in Late Roman cursive.

MS in Latin on wood, Walbrook, London, early 2nd c., 1 tablet, 5x15 cm, 4-5 lines in old Roman cursive.