4.7 Arabic

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MS palimpsest on vellum, Medina, 644-656 (text 1) and 632-650 (text 2) 1 f 37x28 cm, single column (34x26 cm) 24 + 20 lines in Ti'm (or Hijazi) script.

MS in Arabic on paper, Damascus, Syria, 1870, 168 ff. (complete), 22x17 cm, single column, (17x12 cm), 20 lines in Ruq’a script by Liyas Yusuf Jabarra.

MS in Arabic on paper, Ottoman Empire, late 15th c., 16 lines in Ghubar script, sura headings in gold Riqa’ verging on Tawqi’ script within a gold and blue ruled frame, 2 pp. opening of full-page decoration in gold on a deep blue ground.

MS in Persian on paper, Iran, ca. 1800. 16 ff. (complete), 13x8 cm, mostly 3 columns, (11x7 cm), up to 40 lines in Shikasteh-i Nasta’liq script, headings in blue Thulth script, margins ruled in gold.

MS in Persian on buff paper, Iran, 1697, 1 f., 15 lines of a very early Shikasteh-i Nasta’liq script arranged diagonally across the page, 9 lines of Shikasteh-i Ta’liq script, within frames of gold, red and blue, Indian seal impression "He is All-Powerful, 1728-29".

MS in Persian on blue paper, Shiraz, Iran, 17th c., 1 f., 34x21 cm, single column, (24x14 cm), 9 lines in Shikasteh-i Tal’liq script by Ali Akbar al-Musawi al-Mawlawi Al-Shirazi.

MS in Arabic on peach-coloured paper, Iran, 1708-09, 1 f., 33x21 cm, single column, (21x14 cm), 9 lines in Naskh script in gold, colophon of 2 lines in Riqa’ script in gold by Ahmad al-Nayrizi, autograph, signed.

MS in Persian on paper, Iran, 2 December 1187, 1 f., 28x15 cm, (25x13 cm), 9 long lines in Tawki’ script, signed, witnesses signatures. Provenance: 1. Sam Fogg, London.

MS in Arabic on paper, Egypt, ca. 1300-1350, 4 lines in Rayhani script influenced by Muhaqqaq script, containing the word "ashar" (ten) in gold ornamental Kufic script.

MS in Arabic on paper, Iraq or Iran, ca. 1350-1420, 5 lines in a large, very fine muhaqqaq script outlined in gold, within a frame of gold, red and blue, roundels containing gold knotwork, probably by Karamshah Tabrizi.

MS in Persian on paper, Herad, Iran, ca. 1425, 1 f., 43x34 cm, single column and 4 columns, (37x26 cm), 35 lines in naskhi script within a frame, 1 miniature 12x26 cm in full colours.

MS in Arabic on paper, Yemen, ca. 1300-1350, 10 lines in Naskhi script, in black, 1 line in gold Thuluth script outlined in black, 2 lines in Muhaqqaq script, 1 line Kufic script.