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MS in French on paper, Paris 1962-1963, photocopy of the full orchestral score prepared for printing with autograph, including a drawing of the disposition of the orchestra.

MS in French and Italian on paper, Tanglewood, Massachusetts, 10 august 1948, autograph. Text 2: autograph, signed 3 times.

MS in French and Italian on paper, Paris, 1928-30, notated in full score on a system of 9 staves with heading "Bolero", autograph, signed. Text 2 notated on systems of 4 and 2 staves, 8 bars, autograph.

MS in German and Italian on paper, Germany, probably ca 1705-1725, 14 pp 34x21 cm, ruled with 14 staves, (30x20 cm) notated by a German copyist on seven 2-stave systems.

MS in Latin on vellum, probably Low countries, 1530's, ruled with 8 5-line staves, formal polyphonic mensural notation of Discantus and Tenor parts.

MS in Latin and Eastern Upper German on paper, Bayern-Salzburg, 2nd half of 15th c or early 16th c, 23 lines in an angular German Gothic cursive, staves with polyphonic mensural notation.

MS in Middle High German on vellum, Austria or South Germany mid 15th c, polyphonic music in mensural notation on four 5-line staves, texts 1 and 2 by the same scribe.

3 MSS in Latin and Italian on paper, Germany, originally 1559, 31+101+69 pp (complete) by 3 copyists ca 1825, with some MS annotations and amendments, apparently for performance.

MS in German on paper, Köln, 1972-1975, 1 p 30x42 cm, graphic notation and electronic symbols, autograph, signed, written on the verso of proofs for Momente op 13 (Europe version 1972)

MS in German on paper, Köln, Germany, 1966-1967, 11 pp 30x22 cm and 21x15 cm up to 24 lines in cursive script and graphic notation, autograph, signed 5 times.

MS in English on paper, USA, 1961-1962, 1 p 8x13 cm, graphic notation of lines and dots, identified by Cage to be from Variations I or II, autograph, signed.

MS in Italian on onionskin paper, Los Angeles, September 1938, p. 1 only, 43x32 cm ruled with 26 staves, notated in full orchestral score, autograph, signed and dated.