2.4 Persian, Greek & Byzantine History

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MS in Greek on paper, Venezia, Italy, 1541, 304 ff. (complete), 33x24 cm, single column, (25x14 cm), 30 lines in Greek cursive book script by Nicolaos Kokolos, signed, titles and initials in red.
MS in French on vellum, Paris (or Loire Valley), France, 1470-80, by an illuminator in the circle of the Coëvity Master (Henri de Vulcop).
MS in Persian on paper, Kashmir, 18th ca., 293 ff. (-ca. 10), 25 lines of Nasta’liq script, headings in red over 2 columns, margins ruled in black and colours, 3 illuminated headpieces, 16 large miniatures in colours.
MS in Old Persian, Elamite, Neo Babylonian and Egyptian on cream coloured alabaster, Syria, 485-465 BC, in Old Persian semi-alphabetic cuneiform script, Elamite cuneiform script and Neo Babylonian cuneiform script; the vertical shaft: in hieroglyphs, Xerxes' name within a cartouche.
MS in Neo Sumerian on bronze, Elam, South-west Iran, 2000-1950 BC, 1 flat shallow vessel, possibly a lid, diam. 20x4 cm, 11 lines in cuneiform script, ruled, within a frame.