1.4 Latin Bible

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MS in Latin on vellum, London, England, ca. 1230-1240, 209 ff, 26x21 cm, 2 columns, 58 lines, 3 columns, 58 lines (Psalms), 7 columns (canon tables), 55 lines, 4 columns, (20x18 cm), 63 lines (concordance)

MS in Latin on vellum, Bologna, Italy, ca. 1270, 534 ff. (complete), 35x24 cm, 2 columns,

MS in Latin on vellum, Southern Germany, 1st half of 12th c., in Romanesque book script of very good quality, gloss in a smaller more rounded book script, all with foliage finely drawn and shaded in penwork and colours, and of very high quality by The Rebdorf Psalter master.

MS in Latin on vellum, Germany, 3rd quarter of 10th c., in Carolingian minuscule by the scribe Gerwardus, 13 pages of Canon tables in arcades with some decoration in red and yellow, 12th c. circular diagram demonstrating the way to salvation, 12th c. small drawing of a bust-length man.

MS in Latin and Elizabethan English on vellum and paper, London?, ca 1320-30, 14th c & late 16th c., with ca 1240 linefillers in red or blue including dragons blowing fire, grotesques, heads of kings, bishops, women, fishes, dogs, birds of prey, magpies, jays, thrushes, storks, owls, etc., in endless profusion and variety and 5 large historiated initials on burnished and tooled gold grounds with branching borders.

MS in Latin on vellum, Pisa, Italy, ca. 1310, 500 ff. (complete), signed by the scribe Phylippus on f. 223. Italian loose cursive script.

MS in Latin on vellum, England, 3rd quarter of 13th c., decorated initials throughout with extensive penwork in blue and red, 67 illuminated initials with marginal extensions, 82 historiated initials including the full-margin Genesis initial, illuminated in gold, silver and colours including green.

MS in Latin on vellum, probably Paris, France, 2nd half of 13th c. with large decorated initials at the start of every book and prologue in divided red and blue with very extensive penwork in both colours.

MS in Latin and Spanish (texts 2-3) on vellum, Northeast? Spain, ca. 1250 (text 1) and ca. 1400 (texts 2-3) with approximately 77 large illuminated initials in raised burnished gold on blue and pale red grounds with white tracery.

MS in Latin on vellum, Geraardsbergen, Cambrai, Belgium, ca. 1200, 2 vols., 201 ff. (complete) + 121 ff with one extremely large (full-page height) historiated initial in gold and colours by the Geraardsbergen Bible master.

MS in Latin on vellum, Roma, Italy, vol. 1 (texts 1-3): 2nd half of 9th c, Vol. 2 (texts 4-14): 2nd half of 11th c.

MS in Latin on vellum, North Italy, 5th c., liturgical marginalia in a very small quarter-uncial with many ligatures, also 5th c.